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Will start tonight


character creation 20 point buy.
max hit points at first level and average plus one each additional level.
classes allowed: cleric only.
races allowed: paizo only. i am pretty open minded post your character and i will look it over.
skills: i will allow background skills.
traits: two
starting gold max.

Calling all pathfinder society members your help is needed to defeat evil and bring justice to the unjust

ConTemplation 2014
Jul 11-13 in Columbia, MO, US
ConTemplation will be held at the America's Best Value Inn (formerly the Days Inn) at 1900 I-70 Drive SW, Columbia, MO. Room reservations are available at 573-445-8511, and ask for the convention room block! %22ref_dashboard_filter%22%3A%22upcoming%22%7D

I am looking to run a Campaign were everyone plays a nonstandard race. Nothing with any hit dice. Well be a 25 point buy, going to be pretty open on books allowed. Post an idea of what you want to play and we will discuss it. Do not create a profile until you are picked

HP: Max 1st level
Money: Max
Traits: two
Drawbacks: are up for discussion
start at level 1

Hi I am seeking a pbp game to join