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erian_7 wrote:
The third party market for 4e is in a shambles right now from what I can tell, and there's nothing precluding Paizo from entering the 4e market later if the environment, legal issues, et. al. are favorable to such a decision.

Actually, the GSL has an either/or clause within it. In basic english, it states that you may not publish an already established game system to the 4th edidtion ruleset. And, if you create someting using the 4th edition ruleset, you may not convert it to another gaming system.

because of this, Pathfinder will forever be 3.5 modified and never 4th edition.

The Careful Targeting feat is mentioned under the Ranger class and again under the NPC suggested feats, but the feat is not listed in the feat section anywhere.

TO add my two cents to the whole ordeal.

The new 4th Edition System Gaming License (SGL), states that you can produce a product that supports either the old 3.5 rules or the new 4th Edition rules, but not both rules. Once a developer publishes under one system, he may never publish under another system.

For example, you create item "A" and publish it under the 4th Ed. rules. Then, seeing the popularity of it, decide to modify the item for use under several other RPG systems. Doing so will cause Wizards to step in and 1) Revoke your privledges to publish under any WotC product or gaming system; 2) They will sure you for breach of contractural agreement <you must fill out this agreement in order to publish a product that is compatible with and WotC product>; and 3) they will take possession of your product and their own property <again, you forfiet the right to ownership of the prouct when you breach the contractual agreement>.

So, Paizo taking and modifing the current 3.5 system to fit their own needs is 100% legal and needed in order to support the 3.5 gaming community.

With Wizards now forever "done" with the 3.5 system. They will no longer be supporting it in any capacity after the end of this year. Take what Paizo is offering as a gift, not a curse.

And always remember, you don't have to use the rule in the book. It is after all, just a rule, modify it to meet your needs.

I agree with the making of items to boost attributes rather than invest in the wish spell as it is written. All the spell allows for is the moving around of attributes.

I think they are attempting to balance the wish spell to limit abuse since that is the only change in wording to the original spell effects.

Just remember...these are only rules. If you DM, use what rules you see fit in your game and don't use what you don't like. Perhaps a rare component is required to ignore the +1 to one / -1 to another rule? Not too hare to work around it. Not to mention the quest the wizard has to go on to find this mystic reagent for his wish spell to be more effective...

That always works for me.

I do not think the domain spells will be available to the cleric to memorize.

As I see it, there are no longer any domain spells. You gain both domain powers and since you gain the powers of both domains...there is no need to memorize the spell/ability anymore. I think that is why they took the +1 off of the cleric's spells per day list.

Look at the bright side...you get the 4 level 0 spells as at will abilities. No need to memorise those pesky cantrips.

You still get the spells per day (+ spells for high Wis).

You still get to spontaneously cast cure/inflict spells.

Not to mention the Channel Energy ability...AoE heal (or harm if you're a meanie)...nice! Use your spells for other things and still be able to heal the party.

And those two domains you have...Well, you get both abilities from each domain. Some of them are unlimited in use, some have a number of uses based on your level, some are once per day. In any case, those domain abilities surpass the domain spells of the core cleric class. You get both abilities/spells so there is no need to memorize them.

All in all, a good improvement. The only thing I noticed is that there are only eight domain abilites instead of the origional nine. But I can see why they lowered that. Any ninth level spell is pretty nasty, no matter the class. Immagine having two of them one time per day...

Just my take on it.

Well, I guess I'll weigh in as well.

Attributes do not make the character. THe player's concept does. If Margret Weiss had not actually played Raistlin in the old D&D rules as a wizard with a low con, she would have never developed his underlying need to rely on his need to become more powerful in the use of magic to gain the respect (fear) of those around him.

Had Raistlin been healthy and not frail, he would have been less likely to strive for that power.

I say let there be the negative attributes. They make for a more balanced RP experience.

Besides. lets be honest here...who ever really rolls below a 10 on 3d6?

I know I "never" have. <insert knowing wink here> Always a 12 to 18 on my dice! I swear this to be true!