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Naarg wrote:
I was able to enter the code, but I don't see where to go to complete the process. My cart is empty. What do you do after redeeming the code?


Congrats to a deserving group of Pathfinders!

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These have been excellent.

Yay! Congrats to Natalie and others on their first writing credit. Hopefully much more to come.

+1 on Called Shot. I've really been enjoying it.

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The latest episode of The Drift podcast is out. It features an interview with Amanda Hamon Kunz. Here's the link.

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Dan Tharp wrote:
clavejones wrote:
I think Erik Mona stole Troy's neon green d20. Just a hunch.

There was that one time at PaizoCon when I got to roll the neon green d20 and this happened.

Maybe I cursed it? Maybe it got fed up and left on its own accord? But yeah, Mona probably took it. :D

Clearly, it only works for Troy! You just be glad that sinister influence no longer grips you.

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I think Erik Mona stole Troy's neon green d20. Just a hunch.

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All the best to you!

Hi all. I'm with Nerds on Earth. Please do give us your suggestions for future episodes of the podcast. We're going to hustle to try and put out good content, but we'd love some feedback. Would you like more interviews? Specific topics you'd like covered? Let us know!

And thank you, Rob! It was so great of you to do the interview!

I have a review copy of Jolistina. The paint job is every bit as sharp as the artist's rendition. Outside of the silver trim on the belt pouches, it's exact.

And the face is painted wonderfully, right down to the eyebrows. This really is a fantastic set.

Pardon if this is somewhere else and I didn't see it, but does anyone know of a pronunciation guide? I'm pretty sure I can handle "human" and "android" just fine, my Southern accent aside. And even kasatha, lashunta, vesk, shirren, and ysoki seem straightforward, but I want to make sure. ("so-key" or "î-so-key", for example.)

Marco Massoudi wrote:

-The omission of the Queen´s Physician, Marai Rakshasa, the Cinderlander and Gaedren Lamm minis are strange.

Agree on Gaedron Lamm. That would've been the figure I'd love to see as the 48th.

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Sorry for the janky Facebook Live video, but I promised I'd share this ASAP: Unboxing Crown of Fangs brick. I think I pulled a few that haven't been previewed yet, so that's nice. Of course, it will be better as we get these higher resolution looks here on the blog!

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Nerds on Earth just got a review brick. Once I double check with Wizkids to make sure there is no embargo date on showing them off, I'll share a preview video link for everyone.

Fair warning, I'm going to buy all of these.

I love Howard's books. I'm not even finished with this one and I'm hoping for a third with these characters.

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Yet another thumbs up for Glass Cannon, mainly because I wanted to mention that they have behind-the-scenes content to accompany it that answers listener questions. It's good stuff.

I've listened to the Glass Cannon from episode 1 and I love it so much that I actually plug it each week on my website.

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Condolences on your loss. It was clear that Mike both brought a lot to the table and to the friendships as well.

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I'm just giving everyone fair warning that I'll be buying every single one of these.