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CorvusMask wrote:
Isn't this a boardgame? Or does fantasy ground have modules for boardgames too?

A Board game is just a map you can move on. With some items you can give out right?!? I'm sure I could figure out how to make it a module.

Cards are just "tables" that you random roll
Tokens are just items or "uses"
Stands / characters are, just characters, and anything special can be handled by "images"


Is there a Fantasy Grounds module of this yet, or has anybody offered to build one?


In a one shot, you face a mech. My mechanic player asked if it could be hacked? I don't see why not, mechs have computers in them, you're hacking a computer. I allowed them to hack it and with a high enough roll give an effect, if htey barely passed, -1 ac, or -1 attack, if they kinda passed, -2, if they really passed stun.. well they rolled the highest they could, and everybody cheered, so I gave the staggered effect. really made the mech "less dangerous" (still dropped a few of them).

I couldn't find anywhere in the rule about hacking a mech yes or no, so I ask. Is it even possible.


In the SFS special, A Time of Crisis, there is an encounter with NPC's attacking a wall, but the walls (shipping containers) aren't given hp, in the PDF i'm reading. How many HP should I assign the walls, so I know how much damage the npc's need to do before they are through?