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the flavor is great, but "scientific magic" is ruined forever.


This book contains a great deal of ideas to build upon. one could easily see a custom game centring around many of these mysteries. and makes for a good read in general

the problem comes from the crunch. every character option detailed in here is simply too complicated to be feasible in an in game setting. we are talking about taking on an extra 5 minutes for someone to take their turn just to calculate for a metamagic feat. it's not that the feat effect is bad. It's just that the actual steps to actualy use it are aggravating at best. the feats provided for numerology feel like they should have been part of the description of what numerologists do rather than something the player himself has to do. take the sacred geomery feat for example. it requires you to roll a number of d6 equal to your knowledge engineering skill, and do any combination of math with those dice such that they equal a number on a table. who in there right mind would take 10 minutes doing mid level algebra just to take your turn? why not just make it something like "roll a number of d6 equal to your knowledge engineering. If the total is above the number on the table the feat succeeds"?

the worst part is that I was looking forward to "science magic" for a while. This single book kills any chance of anyone ever playing with it unless Paizo fixes this at a later date.

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right idea about Ki, but the execution is all wrong


ki and psionics should be blended. they are very similar. however, it should not replace power points. the entire point of psionics is to have a pool of points for casting instead of "spells per day". you might as well play a sorcerer if your going to do this. the spells per day thing is exactly what I wanted to get away from. thats not even mentioning the fact that you completly ditched my favorite psionic class, wilder

instead, there should be some conversion ability for converting Ki and PP back and forth. monks should also have some sort of option for delivering touch powers in melee. ki points can be used for this purpose or as some kind of special enhancement for powers (beyond augmenting) such as regaining psionic focus, casting at a temporarily higher caster lvl, ect. this should come in the form of feats or special new class abilities.

basically, what you should be thinking as you make this is "how can I make a super sayin (a la dragonball Z) for pathfinder.