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Me too. I would love a copy of this.

Sounds good and would look at them. Freeport seems doable since it is based on a coastal city...

Not to sound too greedy, but would you have an underwater module to recommend as well?

Hi, is there a module for pathfinder or 3.5 in which PCs helps to overcome a cult who is conducting a ritual? Appreciate it!

Here is what I am planning to update :

(1) Talents: I am going to start with the talents from d20 modern so each attribute would have 3 talent tree. And the I'll move on to pathfinder equivalent. D20 already have some of it so I'll move to those from APG. Classes hoping to convert:

Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, Druid, Oracle, Rogue

(2) For gun rules, since d20 modern uses defenses ( i.e. you gain something akin to natural armor as you level up and you do not need to wear armor). Now Defense would make up part of the Touch AC so I guess to balance things up ( and not nerf guns so much) , I think when making attacks with guns, you lose the Defense bonus?

What do you guys think of the gun rules?

Would be posting up some talents ( starting with Smart as I go along)

So I am going to start a pet project to convert d20 modern so it synchronises with Pathfinder akin to The Modern Path ( but using the generic class from before. I would be posting piece by piece and do let me know your comments :)

The Generic class was a set of 3 classes (warrior, expert and spellcaster) and at certain levels, they gain extra feats. So players either choose a talent (simialr to d20 modern) or choose an extra feat.

You guys think it's workable?