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Congrats! Does he get joint custody of the pirate hat now? :p

Betty Trascritti

Good luck in your future endeavors and thanks for everything you've done for PFS! It's been a pleasure knowing you and I will have fond memories of the visits you made to MegaCon!! We'll save a seat at the table for you...

Betty Trascritti

Captain my captain! So proud of you honey! We'll celebrate when you come back from the frozen tundra! ;p

Nice article honey! I'm always impressed with the amount of patience you have with the newbies. Keep up the good work!

Congrats to a great GM and a sweet person. You are truly a treasure in the Florida gaming community!

edwardcd wrote:
Feegle wrote:

Question about the files themselves: How are the PDFs laid out for printing? Is it one large file that I could (if I theoretically had access to a really large printer or went to a professional printer) print out on poster-size paper? Is there an alternate version (or the same one) that will print nicely on letter-size paper that I can then tape/laminate together?

Basically, what are my options for printing the flip-mat PDF out?

The PDF is just like the Flip-Map.

The PDF document dimensions are 24 inches by 30 inches.

Print Options
-Print on one page (using Page Scaling: "Fit to Printable Area")
-Print on multiple pages (using Page Scaling: "Tile all pages") then you can tape them together
-Print on wide format printer which can handle the print size listed above.

There are two pages...
Page 1 - contains all elements of the map
Page 2 - contains background with grid only (like the original flip-map)

I tried doing this with my HP printer and there was no option for tile all pages. What kind of printer are you using? Do I need to download an additional driver or something??

Do you have dates already scheduled for 2012??

We're supposed to be running this mod at a con this weekend. I thought it was going to release today. When will it be ready?

I don't think you'll have to worry about the East Coast Gamers this year...doubt we can afford another big trip across the entire country to come. :( We'll see...

mearrin69 wrote:

The scenario looks great. Couple of questions about participating still remain for me.

1) Will we get a final of the adventures before the show so we can print - I'm mainly thinking about the finished player faction mission handouts here. If not, will we get a printout at the show?
2) Is there some sort of briefing sheet for volunteer GMs? Are we meeting up before the show starts at all? I'm looking for stuff like contacts at the show, finding our table, time to get there - if I've got an 8 am game do I show up at 7:30 am? All that sort of stuff.
3) Okay. I guess there's not a 3. :)


Ditto what mearrin said...We are flying out tomorrow afternoon and I was hoping to have the final draft by then. We won't have access to a printer after that. Will printed copies of the mod be provided including handouts? I will download what I have to my laptop so I can start reading it.

I'm hoping dress for the "banquet" is gamer casual...Or are we supposed to dress up?

Just to double check...We are meeting at the Crab Pot in Bellevue, not Seattle, right?

Got the suitcases out of the attic this morning and starting setting clothes aside. Getting excited now!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to meet everyone! Now only if I'd get my scenario to prep for Saturday morning...

Joshua J. Frost wrote:

*We are just as frustrated as all of you and can't apologize more profusely than, holy crap we're really sorry about all this. If we do this again next year, we're doing the sign-ups entirely different. This has been a lot more frustrating and difficult than we ever thought and, luckily, we've got a year to make next year right. For this year, please be patient with us. We're trying to solve this boondoggle as fast as possible.

Just knowing that y'all are working on it helps. When we see no updates for a really long time it makes us nervous. :) I'll be patient...for now. :p

Zuxius wrote:
This meal sounds so exciting. Can't wait. I will be on a big tour of Seattle Thursday. I may miss Happy Hour, but I will make the meal no mater what.

Where are you going on your tour? I'm still trying to finalize plans for my family for sightseeing on Thursday.

Will all of the flipmats be available? How about faction t-shirts? Will there be any discounts or anything going on during the con? Inquiring minds want to know!

This is starting to get a tad frustrating. The sign-up is not working properly, you can't talk to a human when you call the help number, and there are no clear "directions" on how to change your sign-ups. I also wanted to know if family members can switch events amongst ourselves and I called and emailed over a week ago to get an answer and still have yet to get one. I'm flying across the entire country to attend this event, and really don't like the feeling of uncertainty regarding my schedule and my family's schedules. Can we please get some clear directions/updates from PaizoCon organizers? I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling frustrated atm...

Timitius wrote:
bettytr wrote:
Is this a family friendly event or were you thinking adults only? We are flying in with our 3 teen girls, youngest is 11.

Totally family friendly as far as I'm concerned. Bringing the kids to happy hour wouldn't probably be doable, I'm sure, but you can certainly bring everyone to dinner! Kids have to enjoy wackin' their food!!


Sounds good but I'm still working on finalizing our plans for that day. We are planning on doing some sightseeing but it would be fun to meet some people before the con on Friday. I'll talk to hubby! :)

Is this a family friendly event or were you thinking adults only? We are flying in with our 3 teen girls, youngest is 11.

same_random_hero wrote:

I found a budget rental place near the train station

801 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104 google map
however, I dont know if they take cars from other budget rentals
and I also dont know the area well enough to tell you if walking around there at that time in the morning is a good idea.

If your leaving from the seatac airport area that early in the morning your best plan might be a cab which should flatrate at $30 or so for downtown seattle. You can call them to be sure.
Orange Cab Tel (206) 522 8800 & Yellow Cab (206) 622 6500.

Unfortunately that location is not open on Sundays so that won't help us. :( Thanks for the info on the cab. I'll give them a call and see what their rates are.

same_random_hero wrote:

which train station?

and which car rental? Asking in case there may be somewhere closer to the train satation for you to drop off the car.

Station Building (with waiting room)

303 South Jackson Street
King Street Station
Seattle, WA 98104

Budget Rent-a-car

same_random_hero wrote:

Pete Apple is pretty much dead on with monorail. All the major activities are pretty much on one end of the monorail or the other.

And they are all pretty close too.

Dont forget to look at http://www.citypass.com/city/seattle.html which Paul Hedges brought up. Good savings and it comes with coupons for getting pictures on the space needle as well as a culinary tour of Pikes Place.

However, the citypass doesnt cover the underground tour but it does cover a ferry ride. The ferry is also close to Pikes Place though, which is close to the monorail.

The pass looks like a great deal. I don't think we'll be able to hit all of the places but I think even if we go to 2 or 3 of them it will be cheaper than buying them individually. Thanks for the advice!

I'm trying to figure out how to get from the airport (where we drop off the rental car) to the train station. Any ideas? Our train leaves at 7:40am to go to Vancouver for our cruise.

James Sutter wrote:

A scattering of comments:

*TRANSPORTATION: Do you need to rent a car? The short answer is: yes, if you want to see anything other than Paizocon itself. Bellevue (where the con is) is a suburb, part of the region we call the Eastside - Seattlites don't consider it part of the city at all, and for good reason: there's a very large moat named Lake Washington separating the two. While Bellevue is pleasant and has plenty of places to eat, shop, etc., expect to see nothing you haven't seen a million times before... this is the land of the franchise. If you want character, you're going to need to go into the city proper, and the public transportation system here doesn't connect the two very well. I live in a quite accessible part of the city, and if I want to ride the bus to work (15 miles, with two major thoroughfares connecting us), it takes an hour and a half ONE WAY. If you don’t rent a car or team up with some folks to split a cab, expect to spend all your time at the con and the mall-based suburban center that surrounds it.

If we just rent a car to get to Bellevue and drive around Bellevue and back to Seattle, could we get around Seattle ok with public transportation? We plan on going to the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, Underground Tour, and maybe the Science Museum. We are staying at the Quality Inn Sea-Tac for the first two nights before the con.

Do we need to purchase the pdf of the game we are running or will that be provided for us? When will we get details of what we are running in the interactive?

Are you going to have faction shirts for sale???

Transportation...do I need to rent a car? Or is there a lot of public transportation to be had at a decent rate?

The Underground is an excellent suggestion. There are some nice shops around there as well.

Depending upon their interest in such at this point, there's the Doll Museum in Bellevue. http://www.dollart.com/

If they're more into nature you can head out to the falls - fun to hike down to the bottom. http://www.snoqualmiefalls.com/

These sound like great suggestions...how far is Seattle from the falls?

We're visiting Seattle for the first time and bringing our three daughters (11, 13, 16). We are flying in Wednesday night so that we will have Thursday for sight-seeing. I'm looking for suggestions for say the "top 3" things you would want to see with children of that age. Space needle I'm guessing would be one...any other suggestions???

My husband and I are flying in from Tampa, FL and bringing our 3 daughters (ages 11, 13, 16) as well. (We all love to game together!) Since we are going that far we decided to make a family trip out of it and are going on an Alaska cruise after the con! We're so excited!!!!!