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Needs a bit of work


The quintessential dungeon crawl, and a very excellent one, but basically let down by little intrigue. It would have been much better if the dungeon bad guy has some major link to the town. For example, the big bad guy could be the mysterious wizard who lives in the town who has recently become a cultist and he may have wanted to challenge Mayor Uptal, and so to ruin Uptal's mayorship he decides to ruin the festival. That would have been much better. Although CotE links in to "Masks of the Living God," which is a superb scenario, itself with a good dungeon plus ample role-playing opportunities. Best to buy Crypt, masks and ALSO Fangwood Keep and with a little work and extra intrigue you get a brilliant start to a campaign. That's what I did and 18 real months into my campaign and the party are still being hunted by vengeful Razmir assassins even while they are in "Curse of the Crimson Throne" over in Varisia (via the also superb "Fangwood Keep.")