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I'm interested in getting the various Starfinder Pawn boxes, but I'm finding more and more often, the Ship Pawns are really what I am actually interested in getting my hands on. Is there any chance that there might be a "Ship Pack" or something similar for space combat coming along eventually? Maybe with asteroids of various sizes, drones, space stations, etc, etc...

THANK YOU FOR THE B.O.C. reference!!! "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" is a great song!

Also, could be an inspiration for a new campaign...

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"Oops! Left a part off... No bother, we can fix that with a girdle of femininity."

"Good news is you have two hands again; bad news is that one of them works for me now"

"We're boned"

Cripes! And here I was thinking that I was going to wrap up my campaign at the end of the summer and change over to a Mutants and Masterminds superhero game. This makes me want to stretch the plot for the game out till I have this book in my hands. Each book that comes out for Pathfinder gives me more and more ideas for my campaign. RArgh! To the Nine Circles with your exceptional creative staff and talented artists!!

Mcarvin wrote:
What do people mean when they say "dot" =D lol?

Damage Over Time is the usual usage.

Any chance we might see some creatures that are similar to some specific WOTC licensed setting monsters/races (i.e. shifters, warforged, etc)?