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Good pace transitions, good RP


Post monster ate my post. (Whenever that happens here I curse the gods and promise myself I won't ever try to post again. It doesn't last long, though, and Craig deserves the review.)

I give it 4 stars for the module (good mix of combat/RP, good pace, interesting locales), 4 stars for our GM (would've been 5 stars but he was a little late, and needed to build some NPCs; it worked out because I helped some new MapTool users in parallel), and 5 stars for our platform (MapTool and Vent worked great, although Windows did have a technical glitch for our GM).

The module was combat, RP, RP, combat/stealth, RP, combat, RP. We did the "stealth" thing when a frontal assault would probably have been just as effective. But we were a bunch of newbies (bard1, rog1, monk1, wiz2, wiz4) and without a cleric or meatshield we were trying to be careful. :)

As you can see though, a good mix in the module of combat and RP. We picked up on a couple of things that smoothed the way for us, and the GM did a great job of keeping things moving as well.

It's certainly worth the $4, although I don't know if the graphics were easily used in MapTool or whether some work was required on the GM's part.

(Disclaimer: I'm the site admin for RPTools.net and a part-time code contributor to MapTool.)

Discontinued as of 11/13/2006


Be sure to check out CodeMonkeyPublishing.com before purchasing. They announced on their home page that WotC was withdrawing the license that CMP has (had?) for distributing datasets. There are lots of rumors about why. Use google to research that question, if you wish.