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thoriss wrote:

Please make this discount available to those of us who own the Beginner's Box but did not purchase through Paizo. There must be a way to prove ownership other than your sales records.


btw: Thank you for your support of the gaming community!

Just a quick heads up that the new Pathfinder Humble Bundle includes the PDF version of the Pathfinder Beginner Box and several other PDF's and all of them can be unlocked on your Paizo account via the Humble bundle registration key.

I can verify that Beginner box you get from the HB deal is fully compatible with the $15 Foundry discounted rate for owning the PDF in your Paizo account.

You will also get upto 28 PDF's in total that you can add to your Paizo account.

The min donation needed to get the beginner's box and 6 other PDF's is $5
The min donation needed to get all 28 PDF's is $25

Due note that the Humble Bundle is only available from the 2nd to 22nd of February 2023.