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and I spy Squealy Nord, squea!
These modules have been favourites with my party and they're looking forwards to a genuine goblin adventure using Poog's famous Wand of "Get Up Lazy Goblin!" (CLW) and the combined inflammatory skills of Mogmurch, Reeta and Chuffy. My FLGS doesn't do free RPG day so I've only got self printed versions. Print the three modules along with the party's pawns and you've another sale!

Calculate the CR of the "skeleton ambush trap" and then factor in the CR of the necromancers, reducing it for any capabilities already used that day?

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Swashbuckler mechanic proposal I've used before: A witty putdown so good it can interrupt spell casting.Can't wait for this!

Thanks for the notes. FYI my rationale is that the Beast was controlled, got the statuette, had to get to a Whispering way cultist in order to hand it over, then was 'driven' to a separate location in order that he wouldn't splat the cultist and finally was so confused when he recovered that the guards were able to chain him.
See you in the wild wolven woods,

Liking this and will be running it once we've finished Harrowstone, but has anyone come up with a rationale as to how a bunch of 2nd level town guards have managed to take the Beast Prisoner?

OK I'm just gearing up for the Carrion Crown and am looking to houserule energy channelling but came across this thread whilst looking for ideas.
My central issue is that channelling is currently an instant action. It doesn't require the cleric to declaim, strike a pose, quote holy scripture or suchlike. As such it can't be interrupted. Conversely there's no benefit to giving a brimstone and thunder sermon.
I was thinking that you could make the channelling interruptable, and in exchange the cleric gets to add damage for each additional round that he continues.
Thoughts guys?

Newbie here but can anyone tell me where I'd find the rules for the new animated object special attack 'Shackle' from this edition?