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"YEAH! You don't have the GUTS!"

"Hey I just had an instinct! Don't look a gift skull in the mouth!"

"I hooked you up! I'd ask for a sip but I'm afraid it would go right through me!"

"Ooooooohhhh. Order a 'Chill Witch!' It'll be good! I just know it. Pleeeassse? Come on."

There is no chill witch on the menu, but there's nothing stopping you from trying.

"Chill Witch. Chill Witch. Chill Witch. Chill Witch."

"Yeah Zykyryz — and I'm doing you a favor… it's shorter than ‘ALL POWERFUL ARCLORD OF NEX,’ after all! However, I would also accept being addressed by that glorious title."


"BAH! You may be head over heels for this 'Alyreha', but that’s not me!”


"Ahhh. Luxury. Treat me like this for too long, and I just might lose my head!"


"I recognize those sapphires!"

Zykyryz gloats about her capacity for languages, chattering on.

"Ms. pink eye's got you, Domwurd! And unlike conjunctivitis, I'm only mildly irritating! Anyways, whoever this person was doing some research on the very powers of creation. Amazing."

”Of course you numbskulls need a genius Arclord of Nex to read for you!”

"Pink isn't just a color. It's an attitude too."

Zykyryz’s eye sockets light up for a moment, causing the doors to silently swing open.


"Yeah, that sounds familiar! There's a broom closet up on top of this building. We gotta go there too. The broom closet. Trust me!"

Zykyryz gets distracted again.

"Hey what's that over there? Look, is that a flyer?"

You see a flyer with a mic and magical, glowing neon letters.

Sign wrote:


Scorpia's Grotto

"Maybe we should go… but first, who's that guy over there? She turns and points out a man with a mop and a bucket. "Can we talk to him too?"

Brynsil "Grams" Lustershale wrote:
headbanging music, she supposes -- but that seems like it would be inappropriate.

"AHHH! I feel like someone reached into my skull and stole my joke! The pun that never was."

So that was the headquarters of a nation… hardly a brain trust if you ask me…"

"Wait, Grams! I've had a sudden flash of insight! Let's head North, just a few blocks. there's a building there. Let's go!"

"Hey yeah I remember now! I enjoyed speaking with you when I visited Nexus House’s libraries! Wow, I sure got around."

Memory unlocked!

Luckily, Zykyryz has some inkling of where to go. Or she is pretending to — who can tell?

"Turn left at the fountain of rainbows! Head towards that adamantine minaret! Left at the prismatic tower! Look at that guy — the one with glasses… I think I remember him! Let's talk"

Art on Slide 2

As you approach the man, clearly a bureaucrat of some sort, puts down his lunch and nods politely.

You can strike up a conversation with Igrigi with a Dc 18 Deception or Society Check, or a DC 16 Pathfinder Society Lore chack.

Kralgang wrote:

[dice=Occultism] 1d20+11

"Search your thoughts, skull. What do you know about ships?"

"Ships!? What you think… I'm ready to go sculling or something!? Heh. Heh."

"As a mighty Arclord of Nex I twist time and space to go wherever I please, I surely had no need for mundane transportation! Now, please carry me to that bench over there, Domwurd… yes… yes…

Domwurd wrote:


Domwurd, who has spent some time reading at the Grand Lodge, recalls a thing or two about the isle. He happily starts chatting away about what he knows, hoping to nudge a memory out of the skull.

"Domwurd and Kralgang, you Pathfinders know a lot about that island. Almost enough to impress a powerful Arclord. Of course, I know more, but I won't tell you at this time."

"We all agree the island is a great failure, exposed for everyone to see every day. How embarrassing! Even Nex made mistakes, I suppose. There is probably a lesson in there somewhere. Something about never giving up, and trying again? There are tons of other islands out there, after all. Maybe the lesson is 'choose a more remote island to grandly fail.' Yeah, maybe that's it!"

"Anyways, I remember sitting on this bench, looking at the island to contemplate those failed magical experiments."

"Seems like I was working on some POWERFUL stuff — something that would have been at the level of Nex himself! I can;t wait to get my memories back and continue my work."

Memory unlocked!

Zykyryz asks you to pint out the vessel you came on. Upon seeing the Opportune, she exclaims: “You came here in that ship? You Pathfinders really are brave!”

To dredge up a memory, you can make a DCV 18 Occultism or Perception check to observe or reflect upon the isle, or a DC 16 Sailing Lore check to talk to her about travels.

"Hey that was me! I needed those amazing sapphires for… for… something!

"Oooh can you by me some of those rocks? See those two walnut-sized ones there? Make no bones about it — I'd one scary-looking skull if I had diamonds for eyes! Fitting for a MIGHTY arclord right? Anyways how much do they pay you guys?"

"I remember this extraplanar entrepreneur! She was my primary source for rare magical reagents and skymetals for experiments. I must've been working on some HEADY stuff!"

Memory unlocked and added to Slide 3!

Zykyryz gets distracted again — this time by an Oraad who sports an asymmetrical array of razor-sharp crystals from his head in lieu of hair.

"Whoah! Look at that guy! With head spikes like that, he could be a literal headhunter if you got him angry! Let's go talk to him! Come on!”

Art on slide 2.

"Whoah. Nobody’s going to lose that one in a crowd. She certainly stands head-and-shoulders above the rest! Let's talk to her! Maybe she will remember something, or jog my memory.”

You can introduce yourself to this merchant and talk shop with a DC 18 Arcana, Survival, Mercantile Lore (DC 16) skill check. Perhaps she has made deals with Arclords in the past, or something she says will help your bony friend remember something.

Zykyryz cackles at Princess goes down into the sewers while others peek within.

“Okay, seriously? You think clues to a mighty arclord’s memory would be down some random sewer grate? And Sebnet called ME a numbskull!”

”I heard from Sebnet that a recent Pathfinder mission eliminated a smuggling ring, and the conflict had spread up to the surface in this park. I wanted to check it out. Also, it’s just really nice here. Isn’t it?”

"Heh. Hehehehe. You guys are great. This is the most fun I've had in memory. Not that I HAVE many memories… but I'm sure you rank up there real high, at least for now. Where to next?"

Zykyryz‘s teeth chatter; her voice echoes in the dark as she’s held above the manhole. ”Wait! Wait! Wait! I feel it. A memory is starting to bubble up… but only when I’m sitting on the bench. I think I need to hear the voices coming from the sewer while sitting in the warm sunshine. Yeah, that’s it.”

You make your way to a lovely park and wander around for a bit, until sitting on a bench.

"I love nature, don't you? It's so peaceful and calm. Maybe I can get some sun on my head! it's pale as a bone!"

"Uhhh… I sense something. A memory… yeah… but it's not here! It's down in that sewer. Yeah! Under that manhole right there. You guys should totally crawl down into the sewers and have a look around. I'll watch from this bench here. Let me know what you find!"

"I've got a BONE to pick with people who go on and on about responsibility and the dangers of magic, Greora! Where's the FUN in life if a wizard can't slip from a dire consequence every now and again!?"

"… Wait! I totally remember something now. I came here BECAUSE, even though you guys are kind of straightlaced, you're at least nicer than the demon-worshipping kind of librarian over in that red tower!"

Yeah. That's it. I was thinking about asking Abraxas’s followers for some help. But they wanted something from me… some powerful secret only a mighty talented amazing Arclord of Nex would know. That being ME, of course. Well I told 'em where to stuff it. Only, I can't remember what it is they wanted. Or where they stuffed it. Hmmm."

"Anyways, I changed my mind back then just like we did today, and I came here instead to do my research."

"I'm not dead I'm just a TALKING SKULL!

You walk North with your skull friend.

"See that red brick tower? That's the Scrivenbough, the library of demon lord Abrax—actually, uuhhhhhh… strike that. Maybe we’ll do better at Nethys’s Twin Temple? Though I hear it’s harder to find stuff there than it used to be!”

Zykyryz chatters her teeth as you shout at her, and Kralgang temporarily modifies public works property. She is deposited back on the ledge.

"Wow that waster was perfectly skull-pted to carry me!"

The pink lights in her sockets flicker. "Yes… yes. I remember something! Playing in the water reminded me that I came here often for midday meals and would often see children at play in the fountain too. They reminded me of something… to use my awesome talents as a mighty Arclord of Nex to better the lives of others!"

Memory unlocked! Added a "Memories" slide.

She allows herself to be picked up by Domwurd. "Where to next?"

Immediately, the magical waters lift the skull up in the air, throwing her around. “Head’s up, I’m making a MARROW escape! You’re not getting out of this one bone dry!”

She leads you on a merry chase…

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"I'm BONE DRY! C'mooooonnnnnnnn. Domwuuuurd! C'moooonnnn…"

Zykyryz enjoys the walk there, though if Domwurd was hoping for magical tips he is disappointed. It's hard to keep her focused. First she wants ice cream because she doesn't have a figure to worry about, but then decides the cold "might give her a headache." She whistles flirtatiously at a particularly tall ghoran woman, whose glance bounces off of the skull with an annoyed eye roll. Then she wants to look at jewelry. Can you bedazzle a skull? Diamonds? Rubies? How much do you Pathfinders get paid anyways?"

Zykyryz looks at the magical fountain; water dances in the air, forming impossible loops, swirls, arches, and even faces.

"Domwurd! C'mon! Put me down on the rim of the fountain! I'm all parched! Please! Pleeeeease! Pleeeeease! Put me down Domwurd! DOMWURD! Right there by the fountain Domwurd!"

"Make no bones about it: you’ll learn a lot, Domwurd! Some of my genius is bound to rub off, especially if you rub my occipital for good luck."

Kralgang wrote:

Kralgang will make Zykyryz the subject of his first investigation.

"Are we to follow the whims of this object without question? How do we know we are not being manipulated into taking it for a holiday? What evidence do we have it is to be trusted? Do not mistake me, I will follow whatever orders I am given. I seek guidance on how wary we should be in the process of investigating this mystery."

"I'll only patella you once: I am no object… I Zykyryz — Mighty Arclord of Nex! (probably)."

Princess Sunset wrote:
The small poppet slides to the ground, her head peering left and right at the skull. Reching out with clothed arms and porcelean hands she grabs the skull, turning it around to look it over. "Are you alive too? Where do you want to go?" He sing-song voice asks curious at everything new in the world.

"I have a whole list. The vash vatom will give it to you. Also I need to see where I'm going, so I demand one of you carry me around. Don't worry, it won't be a skele-ton of work."

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"Didn't you hear it the first time? Zik-keer-iz. And pink is the new black — a fitting color for a MIGHTY ARCLORD!"

The teeth chatter. "Bob? Bob? BOB!? With creativity like that, peope will think you’re abone-head!"


From beneath the velvet, “Those letters do NOT get enough love in your chronicles! It’s a crime not to use them!”

“As I was saying... the great Zykyryz! Sebnet, I thought we worked this out? I promised to stop doodling on your table, and you promised to quickly pull the curtain to give me a dramatic reveal!"

Gnome and skull both tilt their eyes down to the table’s surface, where an ink pen rests next to numerous crooked spirals, as if someone had drawn them with the pen held in their teeth.

“Er, that just goes to show my powers of divination are a-head of their time—hey! Frffpr Errf!”