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Not at home to look at my sheet, but off the top of my head my feats were SF: Necromancy, Weapon Finesse (which I plan on retraining later), Craft Wondrous (from an exploit), Extra Exploit, and I don't remember my last one.

I have been getting a lot of use out of Grasping Corpse and Boneshaker, a couple of uses of Ray of Enfeeblement, Snowball, and Vanish.

I am playing an Arcanist with the aforementioned archetype, my character is not creating undead hordes and all the necromancy build advice I can find focuses on optimizing animate...

Does anyone have some good suggestions for feats and spells for a necromancy build like mine?

I am 5th level, have SF: Necromancy, and the rest of my feats are primarily focused on background and rp so far.

Thanks for any help.

How does the Witchborn alternate racial trait interact with the new heritages?

Malefactor wrote:
Zulkir Jhor wrote:
What are all the new Changeling heritages?
Already posted upthread. ** spoiler omitted **

Sorry, missed that last post. Thank you though :)

What are all the new Changeling heritages?

Thanks for all the help guys. There are some great ideas in here.

I have plenty of experience with Pathfinder, but for reasons beyond my control I am only going to have two people available for my next game.

I have enough understanding of the rules and experience to handle this and have a few ideas on how to make everything run smoother if they lack certain things but I have yet to figure out some details (like how to have them cover watches with only 2 people and perhaps a familiar)

So, I would appreciate the advice of anyone that has run games with so few players and what they did for their game. Not just on the above example, but in general.

Thanks for the help