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Kthulhu wrote:
Jason Nelson wrote:
Given the support, we might do a full compilation as well.
The thing is, the fact that you guys do compilations make me LESS likely to support the component products. Why should I buy a dozen or more separate PDFs for Righteous Crusade when I can wait for a while and get them all in one? I was a regular purchaser of the AP Plug-Ins up until you offered the Gothic Campaign Compendium. While I did purchase that PDF (I greatly prefer to have them all-in-one), it kind of burned me since I had purchased all the prior Gothic Adventure PDFs as well. So, yeah, I won't be getting any further products from Legendary Games until they come out in the compendium format. Maybe that makes it less likely that the compendium actually happens, but I can't justify that kind of double-dip.

I agree with Kthulhu. (Weirdest sentence I have EVER written.)

I can't double dip. But I SHALL get the two monstrous Path books.
Do the "Path of the Genius" and "Path of the Stranger" also stand mostly alone?

As for the Righteous AP support, how about some adventures that REPLACE some of the later adventures? Jason said earlier:

Jason Nelson wrote:
I love the Wrath concept, though I wish they had skipped the "I know you're super-good guys and questing against a demon invasion, but now you have to go be friendly with a sleazy demon lord because that's the ONLY entity willing to help you against the main demon lord villain" chapter. I felt like they did that story already in Savage Tide, and if they wanted to have a "go find a rival power to help" I'd have been happier with something other than another demon (or, for that matter, another evil power of any kind). No chance to make friends with another power of good or neutrality that might have an interest in thwarting the demon invasion?

Why not give us that adventure with a quest for good or neutral help? (And properly balanced for Mythic, too).

Regarding the sales of the Righteous AP support materials, I have not bought any, but would buy a compilation. I don't buy PDFs, I only buy hardcopy. The Gothic compilation is the only Legendary Games product that I own (until the "Mythic Mania" trilogy arrives). As an aside, your "Path of Villains" and "Path of Dragons" look very tempting. Will they be included in the KS trilogy, in a later compilation, or should I just give you my money now?

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If an Ultimate compilation is 40 pages short, how about either:

1. An adventure using the mass combat systems as rival Kingdoms attack the PCs' lands (although the maps might be a problem),


2. "Ultimate Apocalypse". 40 pages of help for GMs to destroy the players' hard work. (More generally useful for the end of campaigns).

1. Ultimate,
2. Kingdom-building,
3. Righteous.

I think that an Ultimate compilation would be of the most use to the greatest number of GMs.

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How about "Part 7" for various Adventure Paths?
And hardbacks of the AP plug-ins? (I loved the Gothic collection.)

I have just received this, and am loving what I have seen on my flip through so far. But the Summoner archetype refers to a template named "alien". I can't find this in the monster section. Have I failed my Perception check, or is it missing?