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Best thematic rock one-shot!!!


This is probably now my favorite one-shot of all time. I absolutely love the theme of a "battle of the bands" style adventure. Not only that it really showcases roleplaying opportunities that are available in a sci-fi setting that aren't as readily available in a fantasy setting. Maybe I'm a bit biased since this is the first game my group has played in person in the last two years, but this was amazing. So much thematic moments. From the first scene "Jukebox heroes" to the scrappy unlikely combat all the way to Songbird station. Each moment was very memorable. The group of people I played the scenario with leaned in hard on the musician front. We had five players. Since there were 4 premades the last player picked one of the pregens that are used for Starfinder society. They ended up playing the "Social Media/Self-appointed Manager" for the band. It was a great addition.

I hope to see more one-shots in the Starfinder setting that are as highly thematic as Band on the Run.

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Great Lore Resource!


This is my favorite Lost Omens book so far and I absolutely loved Legends. I normally take my time when reading through campaign source books, but I devoured this one. I plan on going back and reading some sections more carefully especially the geography areas that I sped through.

Even if you don't want to have or play in the Mwangi expanse there is so much material that can be used in any campaign setting. For example I really loved the section on Nagisa. I would love to be a player in an adventure centered around this lore. The book has lots of other great Plot hooks and compelling NPCs.

There are very few mechanics in the book, but the ancestories are definitely worth looking at. My favorite are the Anadi, sentient shapeshifting spiders. This makes me excited for future Paizo products as the quality just keeps improving.

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Favorite so far


This is by far my favorite scenario so far ( played in 6 and have ran 2). Thank you Tineke Bolleman for such an amazing scenario. I love that this one has a lot of flexibility and calls out alternative "creative" solutions that players may have. I have seen people have some questions around ambiguity, but I think that lends the module strength compared to some of the railroaded scenarios I've been a player (could be a function of the GM's ability to be flexible).

One of my favorite portions of the adventure was the accumulation of their goal. It reminds me of Dramatic Tasks in the Savage Worlds setting and has given me ideas on how to incorporate more skill based encounters in my home games.