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Unfortunately I have been purchasing the decks from Amazon so there's no way to know what version I'm going to receive. I'd really hate to have to buy sleeves and then an insert on top of it just because of faulty printing. Thanks for the responses, guys. They're very helpful, but not the news I was hoping for.


I am playing through the Rise of the Runelords campaign. Just got into the second adventure deck, but the card backs are a totally different color than the base set. This is extremely noticeable, the card on the left is from deck #2 and the one on the right is from our base set.

Imgur Link

Is this normal? It's frustrating because we had to blindly shuffle everything today to avoid knowing where the cards are...but as soon as we saw one of the new cards we knew it was going to be a henchman or the villain. I don't want to sleeve the cards because I like how they fit into the box, but I am shocked that the backs are different colors. Are there any options here?

Thank you.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Can you be specific about which links are broken?

I was attempting to download the rise of the runelords character sheets, but they seem to be working now. When I tried earlier I was just redirected to the home page with no download.

Vic Wertz wrote:
I'm hoping to push some revisions out next week.

So this is why the current downloads are broken? I'm interested in getting the character sheets for the base set but the links seem to be broken :(