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About damn time. ;)

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Not with a bang but a whimper.


Does this mean we can expect a lot of TPK'S?

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This is awesome.

I'll be in my bunk...

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Only a few days left to go on this one! Please check it out while you can.

I love the Paizo AP's but every once in awhile something else catches my eye and Zeitgeist is one of those adventures. It's a wonderful blend of epic action adventure, true heroic storytelling and enough surprises to keep even the most jaded group entertained for a long long time.

I own the Way of the Wicked AP and Rappan Athuk and it's right up there with those in terms of quality...yes, it's that good.

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Just wanted to give this project a little love. Check it out on Kickstarter...

Zeitgeist Kickstarter

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Does anyone know any 3rd party character sheets that support the variant rules from Ultimate Combat? I'm looking for a PF sheet with wounds/vigor, armor as DR, etc. I've searched the web and have not found any PF sheets remotely close.
Thanks for your time,

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Hello All,
My group has recently disbanded and I'm looking for a new group to share adventures with. I'm an experienced gamer and would love the opportunity to play in a new game. Saturdays are my preferred day. If you've a spot open and don't mind giving a new guy a try, please shoot me an email.
Until then...

my email address is...