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Trying to order the Adventure Card Game subscription but I keep getting looped back to the main cart screen. Address and Payment info are good. There's nothing else in my cart. I want to make sure I get these promos so any help would be appreciated.

Voadam wrote:

The setting books are 64 pages for $20 but provide the most intersting reading material IMO. It is regional lore or topic lore which is almost all interesting and could by used by a potential player as world knowledge.

This sounds exactly what I'm looking for, thanks!

My friend suggested that phrase for me. I'm needing to cut back on what I subscribe to and buy but I can't quit everything. I will never DM and am only a hopeful player. In order to get my fix, what sub(s) would you suggest for the potential player? What fills out the world more for me?


Trying to rethink my "OMG I Want Everything" subscription plan. Gets a bit expensive :) As someone who will never DM, is there any value in getting the Adventure Paths?

I'm having this same problem.

To get a good feel for the world, after reading the Core book, what are some other rulebooks that tend to give you the most flavor?

Liz Courts wrote:

Jeggare & Radovan first appeared in the Pathfinder Journal for the Council of Thieves Adventure Path (available separately in "Hell's Pawns"). "The Lost Pathfinder" serves as an introduction or prequel to Prince of Wolves. "A Lesson in Taxonomy" features a much younger Varian Jeggare (which originally featured in Wayfinder #4). Master of Devils has Varian and Radovan in a very different set of circumstances, and the "Husks" serial featuring this dynamic duo are in the Jade Regent Adventure Path volumes.

Hope that helps!

Immensely! A shopping I must go :) Thank you!

I'm just about through this book and am loving it. Looks like Prince of Wolves is a must read for more of these characters, do they appear anywhere else? (Pathfinder...noob)

This sounds like it's going to be a bit more for the experienced pathfinder. I'll sit on the sidelines, and get back to reading the core rules.

Pixel Cube wrote:
I don't think that you need to be experienced for this. We would play low lever character in a pretty basic campaign. And you have to start learning sooner or later, so it might as well be here.

Sounds good to me :)

Pixel Cube wrote:

I recently run the We Be Goblins module with my IRL group, and with the new Goblins of Golarion companion, my urge for rolling a Goblin Gunslinger is rising.

So who wants to for a Goblin adventuring party? This thread is also for recruiting a willing DM.

Sounds like a blast, but being a PF noob and having never done pbp, probably not a good candidate. Love to watch, though!

Anyone know of any Pathfinder games being attempted using Google+? I have a friend in some ICON or other supers-type game, I think I've heard of some 4e stuff, but I want some Pathfinder!

Joseph Wilson wrote:

Personal favorites as of now are Prince of Wolves (for the great characters and setting) and Plague of Shadows (for the wonderful implementation of a classic D&D party feel, and just flat out wonderful writing), but I have enjoyed them all thus far. Winter Witch was a nice little travelogue through Varisia, The Lands of the Linnorm Kings, and Irisen, and The Worldwound Gambit was a rip-roaring, fast-paced classic heist story with a demonic twist.

Just getting into Master of Devils now, and it is great fun so far!

Looks like I need to sub, then. I'll begin grabbing those other books as I can as well. Thanks!

After having my toes in the water for too long, I've finally decided to jump in. Along with the sub for new stuff, are there some MUST read Tales that I should pick up too?

How long can a backorder be kept open? Been more than five long, sad months. Almost willing to resort to reading this one online and move on the the next book. Trying to hold out though.