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IHIYC is banned for thinking I'd be that nice of a substitute.

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GM_Beernorg is banned for not being Wilford Brimley.

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Zeugma wrote:
Zavas wrote:
Zeugma wrote:

Following Kajehase's example:

1) Don Quixote, by Cervantes. Loads of humor and much more lighthearted than the Dale Wasserman musical!

Oooh, that was a good one. I read it this summer with translator's annotations, and that made it all the more enjoyable.

Also read this year that became favorites:
The Aeronaut's Windlass I've read Dresden Files, and this was also a great read. I already like the whole "airboat" sort of thing, and this did not disappoint.

The Alloy of Law Also read the Mistborn books, finishing off with this one. I love the functional magic he's developed, but the wild west-esque setting is pretty great as well.

I read a dual-language edition of the Quijote/Quixote. I'm trying to improve my Spanish.

I think I'd like The Alloy of Law, since I'd like to read more fantasy/western genre, but I haven't read the Mistborn books. Would I be lost picking up Alloy without having read the previous novels? Or should I stick to reading a plain-old Western?

I think you'd be okay. There's a directory in the back on what the different powers can do and the book'll explain it pretty well.

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Zeugma wrote:

Following Kajehase's example:

1) Don Quixote, by Cervantes. Loads of humor and much more lighthearted than the Dale Wasserman musical!

Oooh, that was a good one. I read it this summer with translator's annotations, and that made it all the more enjoyable.

Also read this year that became favorites:
The Aeronaut's Windlass I've read Dresden Files, and this was also a great read. I already like the whole "airboat" sort of thing, and this did not disappoint.

The Alloy of Law Also read the Mistborn books, finishing off with this one. I love the functional magic he's developed, but the wild west-esque setting is pretty great as well.

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LizardMage wrote:

Jafar (Aladin)

If you mean the Disney one, I made him up as a non-combat wizard. I built him around manipulation and some ways to escape.


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The Sihedron Tome. It's pretty great to be able to scribe every spell ever into your spellbook.

Relic of Kazavon - They're really well tied to their theme and story.

St. Cuthbert's Mace. Saint Cuthbert is one of my favorite DnD deities, and the mace is really good if you're a crusading cleric.

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baron arem heshvaun wrote:
Fromper wrote:
And I completely forgot that Durkula made minions before coming into the room. They should be along any time now.

I was thinking that the minute I read the line "the priests of the demigods break the tie" followed by Hel's "I do seem to have a certain rapport with some of them, I must admit."

That would definitely explain the need for minions.

Which maintains what I have said, that I would give a hard coin for Rich to write an AP.

And would give 1/3 my soul for him to DM it for me.

The other two directors need the rest of your soul, first.

As for the Creed-turned-Hel vampires, can't they be dusted? Since they're clerics of Hel in this scenario, that means they've violated Godsmoot rules by being there, as only the high priest of each deity is allowed.

And in the same rules-abuse manner as Roy's attack, high priests might be able to buff/heal Roy, as that wouldn't violated any established rules of Godsmoot.

But on the subject of high priests, I am loving the smirk that Loki's high priest has.
(Also for demigods, here's hoping that Shaman Vurkle shows up, which would put the Banjoian pantheon into play.)

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There are good aligned liches in Faerun, but I also can't remember the book.

However, there's also the Deathless from Eberron. They're a positive-energy powered undead, who are overall Good-aligned.

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James Jacobs wrote:

Demigods (which include things like demon lords and archdevils and great old ones) are generally CR 26 to CR 30 in power. Below them are the quasi-deities like nascent demon lords, mythic heroes with the divine source ability, and the like, which are generally CR 21 to CR 25 but can be lower or higher.

Above demigods, which includes all deities who grant 5 domains (note that demigods grant 4 domains, never 5 domains, and quasi-deities grant one to four domains, depending)... there are no rules for how powerful they are. The one thing they share (apart from granting 5 domain choices to clerics) is that they do NOT have stat blocks, and can as a result do more or less anything you want them to be able to do for your story. Obviously, since there's more than one deity at this level, there is a range of power. Pharasma is the most powerful of them all (even more so than Rovagug), but we haven't revealed who is the least powerful, nor have we really pegged the others in on any sort of power tier, since that's kind of irrelevant, since they don't have stats.

Claxon wrote:

Wait wait wait! Pharasma is the most powerful deity? Interesting.

Are you including Apsu and Tiamat in that JJ? My understanding was that they created the multiverse, which would place them in the same position of power as the overgod Ao from Forgotten Realms.

Is Pharasma just not flaunting her power since she is a true neutral god of fate, death, and rebirth and just generally disinterested in things not covered by her domain? Is is stated somewhere (or demonstrated) in writing that her she tops the ranks?

I mean, yeah, it makes sense. Pharasma can pass judgement on anybody, including gods. *CoughcoughArodencough* So from that level, yeah, she's the most powerful. Also the fact that Groetus can't end the world until she passes her last judgement.

As for raw power, I can kinda understand it, but not fully. I mean, no doubt she's powerful, but I just wouldn't have pegged her as the most powerful.

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John Woodford wrote:
The black raven wrote:
Dun dun DUN!

Actually, it's taupe.

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Yang Bloodrager (Fire bloodline, maybe?)/Brawler

I know this one's come up: Kenshin, A NG Sword Saint/Urban Barbarian (1-2 levels) with the Blue Rose order.

Aaaand, for extra fun, Lina Inverse. A very blasty sorcerer or -maybe- arcanist.

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Supperman wrote:

203. Most people would regard having their eye and hand cut off and replaced with unholy relics to be a horrible fate. Adventurers will come to blows for the opportunity.

Or their heads, for that matter.

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Brogue the Rogue wrote:

* Static Energy damage (even when not enchanted)

I saw this from the Draconomicon and balked at it. As much as it makes sense from a mechanical outlook, I don't see it as making sense thematically. Dragons themselves don't do energy damage on their attacks. Why should their bones? I'm not arguing - I'm genuinely asking. I'd love to be convinced on this point.

One way you could fluff it is that their ties to the elements reside to the very bones of the dragons, even in death.

Or in another way, dragon bones are magically attuned to their breath weapon, I guess.

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Well, the pocket watches are pretty awesome.

One thing the majority of my characters carry is a set of merchant's scales. It's just something that I like keeping around.

EDIT: And the fireworks. Those are fun.

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First off, welcome!

Now as for your questions:

1.) has the largest amount of information on Pathfinder. You can find pretty much anything published for Pathfinder on there.

2.) That depends. A lot of PbP GMs will have different house rules for their games, which they probably establish in the recruitment post. d20pfsrd will cover your needs here, too.

3.) This is the recruitment board. GMs post their campaign and you have to submit a character for it. These next few guides will do a better job explaining than I will:

DH's Guide to Play By Post gaming
Building a Better Doomed Hero: Painlord's Advanced Play-by-Post Play

Glad to have you here with us, I hope this helps. Reading around the messageboards, including other PbP campaigns will also help a great deal.

Good luck and have fun!

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Arachnofiend wrote:
Oh, here we go: A Thief from Fire Emblem. I hope you were prepared to rush this dungeon, otherwise this guy is going to nonchalantly take ALL the loot before you even get to the room. All red enemy units treat each other as being allies even when from a narrative perspective they clearly aren't so the thief can just walk around and grab all the loot with no repercussions if the party can't get to him fast enough to kill him.

In a similar vein, any of the bosses with Mantle in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

Don't have a blessed weapon? Can't scratch them.
Have a blessed weapon? They still regain health equal to their luck. (And they have pretty high luck)
Crits? Negated.

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Welp. That does it. There's a trope for it, so someone has to do it now.

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I use google translate and use an icelandic translation which I then screw up to make it different. For example: Shield become Skoldjur or Skoldur (The google translate is Skjöldur)

The whole incantation I kinda play as Rule of Cool. When it seems appropriate, use a more theatrical version, sort of like the Slayer anime.

And here's a wish spell:

Source of magic, font of power
which flows in us all
Respond to my call and accept my sacrifice
With it that I may be granted
this wish of mine.

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Rosc wrote: anyone else wanting to run a lighthearted academy themed game where PCs are students and the Iconics are the teachers?

Summoners: Graphic Design
Samurai: History
Magus: Classic Lit


Maybe... *Slowly slides away*

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Reading up on that, that actually seems to be a good ruleset as well.

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Elrawien Lantherion wrote:

I have seen the archetype you linked Zavas and I like it. I am playing that right now in a PbP game.

THe problem would come I think with the different Knights of Solamnia.

Which version, DLCS or Legends of the Twins?

Yeah, the Knights are tricky... In one person's conversion, Lancefinder, they made them cavaliers and just made Knights of the Crown the order of the Lion, knights of the Sword the order of the Star, and knights of the Rose the order of the Sword. Granted, that was for a War of the Lance campaign, but it's a good base.

Either, actually.

In fact, the new scaling magic items concept from Unchained may be a good basis for the Staff now that I think about it. (The powers depend on user's strength bit comes to mind.) Granted, I'd need to familiarize myself with the specifics on how that works, first.

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Shalafi2412 wrote:
Looking at the different options for the wizards and cavaliers and other classes, in a DL world are the PRCs even necessary?

I feel lot of the organization-based ones could be done away with and replaced with archetypes. Such as this one, which I don't think that it's been mentioned yet.

On a personal note: Has anyone done a Staff of Magius conversion here?

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Petty Alchemy wrote:
Liz has posted good links, I use the first two regularly.

And not the macaroni method?

How dare you.

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Another question. Let's say a Hero has a B rank in Swords. If he had the Baldur bloodline, would he still be able to wield that weapon? I think he does, but I'd like clarification.

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I've been trying to do some character design and I simply have to say first off, you are a master at what you do.

When you design a spellbook-based iconic like Ezren or Seltyiel, do you design a spellbook to go with them? (I don't think I've ever seen one from your artwork, but I may be mistaken...)

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Alright. For example, Zavas is a Lopto Mage with the Dawn Bloodline. He would be able to wield Valaura, but not any other Light tomes, right?

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Those bloodlines look really cool. Very nice touch with making them for other games. By the way, just to be sure, when someone has one of these bloodlines, they can use the weapons of usually unusable types, correct?

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There's also the Log Horizon TRPG, which seems to have everything you want as well. But I strongly agree with jemstone, most of what you want is already available.

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Bltenzar (Name's kinda in the air.)

A fey that could almost be human, if it were not for the small details that would require a close examination to identify, Bltenzar always dressed in some suit, which seems to change whenever you look away. The suits vary from civilian to military, whimsical to formal, though the parts are always mismatched. The one constant is a flamboyant red hat.

Bltenzar's stall is filled with props for performing. Decks of playing cards that can pull off any trick are one of his most prominent wares. However, many of these are trick decks when you leave his shop, becoming an item similar to a Deck of Many Things.
Many coins also litter the floor. Don't pick up any of them, no matter how shiny (Will Save 12 DC to resist). The coins will activate a random plane shift, attuned to the plane that the coin comes from.


Genius and Fool

A comedy duo performing a neverending improv act, the Genius, a burly clown wears a crying theatre mask works with the Fool who wears a laughing mask and carries an orange silk scarf.

The Genius, despite his name, provides physical comedy of the pair and the Fool tells tales about the nobles of every world imaginable and attacks the Genius with slapstick and japery. The Fool seems to have the ability of transformation at will as well as teleportation, and the Genius can summon seemingly any item, which tends to be stolen by the Fool to be used against the Genius.
Tips are expected, and a battered hat sits at their feet to deposit the payment.

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If I remember correctly, which I may not, photocopies of pages are valid if they have the watermark...

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Television one:

An arcanist with a focus on buffing and debuffing.
A armor-based fighter with a tower shield and sword.
A ninja with heavy focus in sneak attacks.

Joining them are:
A catfolk swashbuckler with max skills in Profession (Cook) and Dual Wielding.
A cleric who uses abjuration spells and buffing.
A samurai who wields a katana.
An evocation/blasty sorcerer.
A bard who uses a lute.

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WombattheDaniel wrote:
This Ninja 3/Brawler 2/Gunslinger 5/Noble Scion 10 fights crime with his fists just as often as with his words. Though lawful to a fault, he has no hesitation to do whatever necessary to protect his monarch and nation, including taking the lives of those that's stand against him. He is particularly fond of wining and dining beautiful women, though most of these he uses as ways to gain information or strategic advantage.

James Bond?

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Class 1: 1d100 ⇒ 48 Magus
Class 2: 1d100 ⇒ 52 Ninja
Class 3: 1d100 ⇒ 66 Rogue
Class 4: 1d100 ⇒ 81 Sorcerer

Cabal of the Slighted Hand

On the surface, this group is a simple mercenary group that will take any job as long as it pays. As such, it is favored by many nobles who wish for no connection with the killings of their enemies. However, this perception of the group is quite far from the truth.

In reality, the Cabal is led by a powerful sorcerer that manipulates it in the shadows to generate enough deaths to fuel an artifact powerful enough for reasons that only he and his top enforcers know. The sorcerer is unknown except for his enforcers, a scythe wielding magus who relays orders, and a ninja-rogue team that silence any leaks in the organization.

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And here's the finished project so far. A set of anima magic tailored to the three schools.


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I just remembered something. My group played the game and they really liked the mechanics. (One's played 7 and 10, the other hadn't played at all.) Unfortunately, we might not be able to play to much due to having a campaign going right now, but we'll try to get some in every once and a while.

Also, I came up with a steal skill summary. "You can steal any item, including weapons and staves, so long as the item is unequipped, your speed is at least two higher than the target's, and the item's weight, if it has any, is less than double your strength."

I've also got a project in the works, which is part of why I'm not responding much...

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If I remember correctly, deity alignment isn't even a part of Beginner Box.

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marcryser wrote:
"Welcome to the adventurer's school, children. Here, over the next seven years, and in ways to wonderous to mention, you will hone your various abilities in a safe, nurturing environment as you daily risk your lives, souls, and reputations trying to defeat threats so hideous that all of your adult teachers can't stop (but could if they wanted)."

Translation: Hogwarts.

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These are just so awesome, I may finally get around to making that Dark Archive character I've wanted to make...
On a side note, the flavor on these are really good.

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Hey, just a few things:

The Hero class is missing it's maximum stats.

Alacalibur's pretty broken right now. It matches Excalibur's damage, is lighter than anything, moderately ranked, and cheaper than Elfire. This just makes the tome really unbalanced.

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Ah. I've toyed with Roll20, but where would I input this?

EDIT: Nevermind, I found out.

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Alright, this is going to sound a bit silly, but how do I use this?

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I made them in mind with a sort of defeat-so-you-can-recruit scenario.
I'll also be expanding beyond just the lords to include other significant characters, or just whatever I want to make. The only non-lord so far is Zavas, so there's a lot of work there.

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Thanks for making a Halberdier class, it was just right for Ephriam

These are some of the major FE characters redone sort of like Spot Passes from Awakening. I'm not sure exactly how well they turned out... What do you think?

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I convinced two of my friends to give it a try. They seemed excited by the prospect of a new game. We'll be playing a session soon and I'll let you know how it went.

By the way, I like using your Growth Rate alternate rule as a way of making enemies and other characters. I've even used it to make SpotPass-like characters from older games.

And my goodness, that is a lot of downloads. I think that's awesome that so many people are downloading it.

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Have you considered arcanists? In my fluff, an arcanist is a sorcerer just starting to use the written word as their medium for spells.

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Whoops. Well, here's the actual link I hope.

Good to know on the whole Slayer thing, seeing as how they didn't stack in Sacred Stones.

Here's the document so far.

And here's the first draft of the map. (P.S. The quality's not going to get any better as it progresses.)

By the way, Armads and Durandal don't have their sacred bonuses vs. dragons, either.

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I made some weapons if you want to use them.

The tactician class is an interesting idea and looks good.

The +50% to x2 makes sense, seeing as how that's closer to Fire Emblem's actual system.
But shouldn't the Magvel sacred weapons be effective versus monsters? However, that begs the question: Would the bishop's Slayer skill stack with that to make the damage x6?

Also, have you considered a campaign setting? I've got the beginnings of one, but would that be somthing that you feel would go well with your system?

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Wondering GM wrote:
Zavas wrote:

You're right!

Now for a video game one:
A female human sword saint focused on critical hits with her katana.
A male human fighter with a shocking burst greataxe and levels in stalwart defender.
And a male human standard bearer cavalier with a focus on rapier.

I don't think anyone's answered this one, either.

Those would be Lyndis, Hector and Eliwood, from Fire Emblem.


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JonathonWilder wrote:
Arbane the Terrible wrote:

Someone actually made a published Ponyfinder game.

But how do you represent the Mashin mecha in PF? (it's Magic Knight Rayearth.)

Yes, I will actually be running a campaign using resources from Ponyfinder but it doesn't have write ups for the Mane Six.

(I did write ups for the Mane Six... As deities.)

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