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I might not be able to help much with the coding, but I can certainly do busywork of typing lists like the weapons thing you were looking for. Is there anything I can do to help? Also, depending on what the coding is, I may be able to help with it as well. What can I do?

Pardon my rant, I'm a little sore from a long debate with other players at a diplomacy issue we had today

//Begin Rant

Here's what I'm confused about. Yes it's fun to see how high you can get your numbers, but let's be honest...why? A character who's level 20 shouldn't be fighting something more than 6 levels above itself without seriously looking into your Game mastering, so at level 20, a monster who's hostile to yourself is going to have a DC of 25 + Cha (which at level 26 shouldn't be higher than what, a +26 bonus?) giving a final DC of 51? So why do you need a +101 diplomacy? Are you asking the CR 26 monster to kill itself (DC 66) and then destroy it's own soul (DC 71)? And hunt down the last of it's kind? (which might increase the DC by another 5 or it might not so we'll say it does). And destroy any chance of giving it a chance to come back (DC 81). And whatever other 4 requests you wish to ask of it without having to roll?

At some point numbers don't even matter anymore (A first level commoner doesn't care how much strength you have, a critical from a scythe is still fatal.

But that's just my .02

Of course If you give me some viable reason why you need to have diplomacy at =>100, I'll be happy to delete these programmers comments ^_^

//End Rant

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So, due to some wierdness in wording I'm confused.

Mainly about counterspelling and mythicness.

Flexible Counterspell (Su): Your mythic power enhances your ability to counter others' spells. As an immediate action, you can expend one use of mythic power to attempt to counter a spell. This ability otherwise works like readying an action to counter a spell, except instead of using the exact spell or dispel magic, you can instead expend a spell or spell slot of a level equal to or higher than the target spell.

Resilient Arcana (Su): Your spells and effects become more difficult to identify and dispel. Add your tier to the DC of any checks to identify your spells, recognize them as they are being cast, or dispel them using dispel magic or similar effects.

So here's a couple of sample scenarios.

1)Mage A and B are fighting. Mage B after a few well quipped insults throws a fireball at mage a. Mage A using a readied action and dispel magic, makes a caster level check and attemtps to dispel the fireball. Success, he's not nuked. This would not work if he didn't ready an action though correct?

Scenario 2) Same as above, but Mage A has Flexible counterspell. Mage B throws a fireball, and mage a attempts to counter it using Dispel magic and his readied action. Oh no, he fails! But fear not, he has flexible counterspell. my question is can he use it, already having attempted to cast a dispel magic?

Scenario 3) Same as 1, however deciding that he might fail to counter the dastardly b's spell, he spends the mythic point, and uses a 3rd level spell, but this time didn't ready an action to dispel the spell. Does it work?

Scenario 4) Both A and B are mythic. A has flexible counterspell, but B has Resilient Arcana. Mage B casts his spell, but A fails to identify it. Oh no! but fear not, he can still use dispel magic or Flexible counterspell, because neither rely on knowing the spell! He might survive! My question, if he wants to use Flexible Counterspell, can he do so by spending his mythic point, and use a 4th lvl spell and hope that it is high enough to dispel the oncoming spell?

Also, does the spell that he uses with flexible counterspell automatically match the spell that getting used against him?

And finally, what if Mage B stills and silents the spell that he's casting? Does the other mage get a chance to use flexible counterspell to get rid of it? Technically since dispel magic doesn't let you counter spells that have durations of instantaneous, and the fireball is now incoming, I don't assume that he can use it to get rid of the fireball mid flight.