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Lust for Gold? Power? Or were you just born with a heart full of neutrality?


Zapp: I hate these filthy Neutrals, Kif. With enemies you know where they stand but with Neutrals, who knows? It sickens me.

I have been waiting for this book be published for years now, and it finally arrived on my door step.

The largest part of the book is dedicated to exploring the various demigods that by and by cause reality in the pathfinder world to function (ensuring that gravity works and that atoms spin) and so far I have enjoyed this section. Much love was poured into making each of these leaders among psychopomps, proteans, inevitables, and aeons.

I found the bestiary very enjoyable and was quite happy to see my beloved harbingers of chaos getting some much needed love and attention by overtaking around half the bestiary all to themselves.

My only major gripes rest with the player options section of the book. The proctor prestige class stat-wise seems to be fairly balanced in power to the prestige classes found in the Book of Damned and the Chronicles of the Righteous, I found the class requirement of having to willingly turn down the aid of a celestial or fiend to be circumstantial at best. It seems rather detrimental to deliberately summon a CR10 good or evil outsider just to deliberately refuse it's aid to fulfill a class requirement, as immortals of any alignment can hold grudges lasting far longer than any mortal lifetime.

My other gripe with this section was that it did not contain any magical items that were themed for those with a heart the color of freshly poured cement. Particularly the absence of the in-game stats for the Concordance of Rivals artifact. The sister volumes of the works of Tabris have stats in their own books and I thought it a shame that this, one of the final published works for 1E was missing such an iconic detail. I'm sure I could create my own version to reflect the artifacts of the prior books with the power to smite those with extremism in their hearts and spells that reflect a soul tinted by the color of slate, but I still find this absence of the key detail to be a disappointment.

All in all, I find the book an enjoyable. There is honestly enough fluff and potential plot hooks in this book to keep me and my players busy as we prepare to continue the epic struggle between good and neutral.