Goriath the Balor

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Ah, I love Parabellum... 9x19mm...

The party I was GMing killed him in one round. The cleric happened to notice him directly above her, so she cast soundburst as soon as she could. He dropped to the floor, prone. She managed the reflex save to dodge, then he was beaten to death by the whole party. He never even got off a summon.

A massive half-orc strides through the doorway, not realising he took a chunk out of the door frame. He looks around at the odd assortment. "I heard somun was throwin around free drinks." His face splits into a tusked grin. "This could get 'spensive."

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Ok, have to chime in on bullfighting:
If my choices as a bull are to a)go to the burger factory or b)fight for a life of luxury or death by combat, defending myself from my fate... I'm gonna go with b. And I think an angry bull would agree with me.
Oh, and hiring hit man = bad, animal cruelty = bad, fur = warm, and meat (baccon) = delicious.