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A mistake.


This is the first purchase I've made from a third-party publisher here on Paizo. While it probably won't be my last, it certainly will be my last from Legendary Games.

The Good: The pdf has good production values, from art to editing. Some of the choices in typography are jarring, but don't really detract.

The Bad: Quite a list.
- Some spells, such as invisibility purge, are actually weaker than their non-mythic counterparts.
- Some spells, such as mending, are actually more powerful than their higher-level mythic counterparts. Why would you ever take mythic make whole, if you were using this product?
- Some spells make heavy use of the authors' own house rules, with little in the way of logic behind them. Planar binding is a fairly egregious example.
- Other spells have extremely poorly considered interactions with other effects, such as mythic permanency being completely free with mythic spellpower.
- Some spells have a wealth of mythology to draw from, and yet, the authors completely ignore this rich source of inspiration for their own lackluster versions. A major part of why I purchased this product was to see someone's take on mythic geas.
- The authors did not seem to be bothered with looking up the meaning of the words some spells draw from, such as simulacrum.
- Other spells have a combination of the above issues - summon monster.
- The overwhelmingly vast majority of acceptable spells have one of two patterns: "The mythic version of this spell gains the same benefits as mythic x from Mythic Adventures" and "Add (half) your tier to x"
- For such wisdom and insight, it appears to not be open game content.

The most damning aspect, however, is that out of the hundred and some spells I was most interested in and went over for this; not a single one of them had the 'wow' factor that many spells in Mythic Origins and Mythic Adventures do. Soulreaver, Elemental Bombardment, Sleep, Solid Fog, Sands of Time, Modify Memory - the mythic versions of these spells can define a scene in a story - and do so powerfully. Geas is the central focus of entire mythic arcs from our own world - why should Pathfinder's mythic geas be any less? Mythic simulacrum could take a decidedly creepy turn. Instead it gets epic dr.

Ultimately, when rating this product, I have to base it off of "Will I use this?" - I certainly would not allow it as a GM, and as a player, would be disappointed in a GM who did. As other reviewers mention, Legendary Games got this product out extremely fast. While the editing is stellar, the degree to which these mythic spells are thought out reflects the celerity of the authors.