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Overpriced, under delivered


You don't need this book.

The mechanics take up too much space, and are not very good. Wait for them to be free (a fair price) online.

The campaign stuff that is the meat of the book is surprisingly sparse and is just an avoidable update to the cheaper and longer products that came before. Buy the APs that will give you the context you need, this big picture stuff at a too big price isn't necessary.

The art is...fine. Much is good, some is bad, some is recycled.

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At least the art is nice


While much of the content in this book is usable, it continues the late stage Pathfinder sins of rewarmed reprints, mostly useless feats, too many laughably bad archetypes, and extra systems and rules that you thought you wanted but won't actually see much use as printed.

The shifter itself is probably worth -2 stars alone for being so uninspired and poorly marketed, but I can't give it half a star and it wouldn't be fair if I could.

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One of the best


Strong archetypes, great changeling material, cool new spells and rituals. Even the magic items section is creative, useful, and even pretty funny.