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Hey Ravingdorks, first of thanks for publishing the builds, they are truly inspiring and already help when it comes to get an idea of how to play certain roles and what to take.
Currently I'm thinking about playing a necromancer and while looking around I found Araonna Chorster.

Since I'm rather new to the game and my group is at a pretty low level (3-5), we do not play with a whole lot additional rules beyond the rule books to allow everyones favourite class - and propably the Juju mystery if I ask for it :P
However, there is so much to consider when creating a character - even when you got a idea like the level 15 sheet - would it be possible for you to make like a start sheet with some "annotations" why you did this and that or a milestone sheet for level 5 or similar (something "guide" like if you know what I mean)

Thanks and Regards.