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"You leaving Xor and his companions without weapons." He sees the holy symbols, "How would your Gods view your actions leaving Xor to be slaughtered without weapons and armor?"

Xor gets close to the opening and holds his hands out while peeking through the slot. "Is that a princess Xor sees?" He talks to those in the cell with him, "Mort tis true dwarf women, look like dwarf men, there's a princess out there." He leans back into the food slot and he smiles at Grimm before winking. "When free, Princess, Xor is available for hire as a bodyguard," he cheerfully offers.

"He is no match for ...fair fight, Xor could take him," says Xor. "But those damn hobgoblins, overwhelmed us...then that patrol rode on by."

"Xor is afraid of no one."

"Xor would ask who speaks to Xor?"