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Niether. I use the holy symbol bond.

Only giving 4 per level that I consider a top priority. Some need to be metamagick'd of course. I try to avoid too many enchantment spells, or spells that work as wands.

Level 1: Color Spray
Obscuring Mist
Ray of Enfeeblement

Level 2: Glitterdust
Alter Self
Flaming Sphere
Mirror Image

Level 3: Ray of Exhaustion

Level 4: Black Tentacles
Improved Invisibility

Level 5: Cloudkill
Dominate Person
Magic Jar
Wall of Force

Level 6: Contingency
True Seeing
Flesh to Stone

Level 7: Form of the Dragon II
Limited Wish
Reverse Gravity
Prismatic Spray

Level 8: Incendiary Cloud
Irresistible Dance
Prismatic Wall

Level 9: Wish
Mages Disjunction
Time Stop
Icy Prison, Mass

Honorable mentions go to the Pit line and the Summon Monster line of spells.

This is why any sane GM bans he leadership feat. More trouble than its worth.

Silent Image, hands down. Only limited by the imagination.

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Well first of all, it's generally non-spellcasters that are considered weaker. Some people lump Paladins and Rangers in there, but I'm playing a Paladin right now, and they're pretty damn good.

So where to start...

Monks are considered bad because, math aside, they have class features that mesh together poorly, or are just weak in general. Look at Flurry...can't take advantage of the monks speed. Look at Wholeness of Body...takes a standard action, so useless for in-combat healing. I could go on. Monks need their core abilities re-worked, so they synergize. Making them full BAB would also be a good idea.

The Rogue is considered weak, though personally I only think it's weak on its own. With good teamwork they're potent, and they're actually better than in 3.5 due to sneak attack hitting almost anything. I don't think they need anything done to them, as I believe they fit their role quite nicely, but perhaps some cool shadow powers to aid in stealth would be nice.

I've been playing a lot of Pathfinder, and the main issue with the other classes such as Cavalier or Fighter is that all they're really good at is doing damage in favorable situations, with their other option in combat (Combat Maneuvers) slowly getting worse as they level. They almost solely rely on feats to do anything interesting, and you get even more feats in PF than in 3.5, making, say, the Fighters bonus feats feel like useless bloat. A Ranger can do what a Fighter can, but also get spells and an animal companion. And I shouldn't even need to tell you why the Cavalier is situational.

Damn, can't use it. Looks ridiculously good for 3 feats. I'd have seen those and put them in any melee build.

Where is this Orcish bloodline you reference? I don't see it in the books I said I'd be using. I don't mind you guys helping me out, but make sure it's something viable.

Plus the trait isn't in the books I can use, and without it, Touch of Rage is a poor option.

Little Skylark wrote:

I'd put Int on -8, apart from that it looks good.

Just wondering, what type of armor will you be using?

There's really no difference between a 7 and an 8 for me, so why wouldn't I do 7?

My DM is letting me start with splint mail I believe, which is nice for level 1.

Unsanctioned Knowledge does look pretty nice. If I switch Int and Wis I could get the 13 int with a +4 Headband someday.

Any way to get Perception as a class skill?

Well normally I wouldn't like Sacred Servant, but it's main weakness (less smites) is offset by the Oath of V, so it's worth taking. And yes, I do plan on taking 1-2 extra lay on hand feats in my career. The idea was to play a Paladin of St.Cuthbert (3.5 Diety I loved, LN), who was all about Justice and Vengeance (for background reasons I have yet to write).

So wow Vital Strike AND Cleave suck? Well I won't worry about feats as much then, and power attack away. :p
Leadership is banned btw, and is in almost every game I've ever played in my 10 years.

As for skill points, I figured I only need diplomacy. I asked myself if taking a -2 to Will was worth 1 more skill. I said no lol. Unless I'm missing something.

I appreciate the feedback btw.

Hi, playing in a new campaign soon. Pathfinder only, and the books allowed beyond the Players Guide are the APG, UM, and UC. No 3.5.

Paladins look amazing, so I wanted to play a Half-Orc Paladin. I've looked around a lot and I think it's pretty good, but let me know if there are any improvements I can make. Starting at level 1, 18 point buy, and we houseruled that you can only lower one stat below 10.

Havok, Half-Orc Paladin. Oath of Vengeance.
Sacred Tatoo alternate racial feature.
Rock climber alternate racial feature.
Deft dodger trait.
Magical Knack trait.


Feat: Power Attack

I'll be using a Falchion, for the crit feats later. I thought about using a Bardiche, for the reach, but you can't attack opponents adjacent, and I could always take Lunge later.

I also plan on taking Sacred Servant at level 4, and using the Travel Domain.

My biggest concern is what feats to take. I'm not sure if the cleave feats are worth it, and maybe I should just take the Vital Strike line. Any suggestions for me guys?