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this build is meant to be An optimized summoner/necromancer mainly focused on summoning with a side of necromancy. I'm posting this so that you can point out flaws or things I missed in the build. I'd also like any suggestions you can think of that would make this build a better summoner.I don't think I'm Sacrificing any caster levels with the feats i've picked might be wrong.

Level 1:Arcanist(Occulist) Feat:Spell focus(Conjuration)
Level 2:Arcanist(Occulist)
Level 3:Arcanist(Occulist),Feat:Augment Summoning,Arcanist exploit:Metamagic Knowledge(Quicken spell)
Level 4:Arcanist(Occulist)
Level 5:Arcanist(Occulist)Feat: Superior Summoning,Arcanist exploit:School understanding(Necromancy)
Level 6:Arcanist(Occulist)
Level 7:Arcanist(Occulist)Feat:Augment Calling
Level 8:Darkfire Adept
Level 9:Darkfire adept Feat:Favored prestige class
Level 10:Darkfire adept
Level 11:Darkfire adept Feat: Prestigous spell caster
Level 12:Arcanist(Occulist)
Level 13:Arcanist(Occulist) Feat:Fiendish obedince(Charon)(Evangelist),Arcanist exploit:Arcane Discovery
Level 14:Souldrinker
Level 15:Souldrinker Feat:Favored prestige class
Level 16:Souldrinker
Level 17:Souldrinker,Feat: Prestigious spellcaster
Level 18::Arcanist(Occulist)
Level 19::Arcanist(Occulist)Arcanist exploit:Potent magic
Level 20::Arcanist(Occulist)