Ways to improve a Dark themed Summoner based build


this build is meant to be An optimized summoner/necromancer mainly focused on summoning with a side of necromancy. I'm posting this so that you can point out flaws or things I missed in the build. I'd also like any suggestions you can think of that would make this build a better summoner.I don't think I'm Sacrificing any caster levels with the feats i've picked might be wrong.

Level 1:Arcanist(Occulist) Feat:Spell focus(Conjuration)
Level 2:Arcanist(Occulist)
Level 3:Arcanist(Occulist),Feat:Augment Summoning,Arcanist exploit:Metamagic Knowledge(Quicken spell)
Level 4:Arcanist(Occulist)
Level 5:Arcanist(Occulist)Feat: Superior Summoning,Arcanist exploit:School understanding(Necromancy)
Level 6:Arcanist(Occulist)
Level 7:Arcanist(Occulist)Feat:Augment Calling
Level 8:Darkfire Adept
Level 9:Darkfire adept Feat:Favored prestige class
Level 10:Darkfire adept
Level 11:Darkfire adept Feat: Prestigous spell caster
Level 12:Arcanist(Occulist)
Level 13:Arcanist(Occulist) Feat:Fiendish obedince(Charon)(Evangelist),Arcanist exploit:Arcane Discovery
Level 14:Souldrinker
Level 15:Souldrinker Feat:Favored prestige class
Level 16:Souldrinker
Level 17:Souldrinker,Feat: Prestigious spellcaster
Level 18::Arcanist(Occulist)
Level 19::Arcanist(Occulist)Arcanist exploit:Potent magic
Level 20::Arcanist(Occulist)

Without some context on what you are actually gaining from your prestige classes, I have no idea how to give you any advice. You have sank ~20% of your total character feats into keeping your CL relevant through these dips into seemingly random prestige classes. And I need to know what made you choose this path over a single class Arcanist...

1. What, exactly, are you getting from your levels in Darkfire Adept?

I see Sacred Summons, which helps the action economy of summoning certain monsters... but what do the other levels give you? I view that Darkfire Eruption ability as nice utility, but not overly powerful... am I missing something or underestimating it?

2. What, exactly, are you getting from your levels in Souldrinker?

I see a the Soul Pool/Recover Spell Slot thing, but you must see something I am unaware of. The Familiar? The 2/day Enervation SLA? You could have gotten the Evangelist boons with the Damned Disciple feat if that's what you're after.

By RAW 2 levels of souldrinker, especially if you got summons, mean free crafting and lots of soul pool points. this build seem to lack crafting feats, but nothing say you can't be suppling other's crafting with the soul pool points.

just zap your familiar or summons and you have enough soul points for at least 1,000 crafting a day.
You have 2/day Enervation and
"Create Item: A souldrinker can expend points from her soul pool to provide energy for the creation of magic items. Each point expended provides 500 gp worth of raw materials for the item."
zapping your familiar once\twice a day before crafting will go away by the next day. and by RAW also trigger from summons. (or even 1 cp worth of house centipede)

pre-nerfed souldrinker who had the energy drain touch was crazier.
He could have gone a long way with summoning a dire tiger (14 hd, 7th level spell) and draining it to gain enough points to regain the spell to resummon it. and since the ability then said "The souldrinker gains 5 temporary hit points for each negative level she bestows on an opponent" one could have stacked a great amount of temp hp before battle

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