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I can't seem to make a review of this, so I'll put it here:
Thank you for making this module.

It has to be the most fun I've had at the table, ever. The deck element harkens back to the days of good old graphic adventures on the computer, figuring out what goes where and frequently allowing us to bypass fights entirely (Though I'm sure groups that are fans of many battles will be more strict on just buffing and not bypassing!)

I have trouble imagining how an adventure could be more awesome than this.

I'm really hurting for skill and archtype advice for this upcoming AP. I don't mind the trait limits so much, possibly because I was looking more for build insight. Its no fun to pick an aspect of your class and have it be dead weight.

If the player's guide doesn't help this anymore, is there somewhere else I can go?

I have used these a couple times in the past, but nothing so recent. As a result, I was confused by the lack of skill choice advice. The last one I really looked at was Skull and Shackle's, though. Are they not doing that anymore? I know the times I've used them, they've advised me to take skills I wouldn't have otherwise, and it's payed off big time, and I know my shackle's group would have been in a lot more trouble in the first adventure without it.

I do miss the class option, such as favored terrain, and skill choice advice. If it wasn't popular with most players, I can understand not bothering with it, but being a bit of an intimidated player, is there any advice for me and my team?

The were rat made my day. Looks like my team can have their 'bilge rat' crew after all! Thank you so much for the preview!

This was pretty exciting to run into, since I'm just at the start of Skull and Shackles part 1 for my little group. I'm still new at adventure paths, and I think the minis will really make it pop.

I do have to wonder, though. Any chance of a ratfolk mini? I haven't seen a fourth of whats out there, of course, but it would be great to let my group assemble the 'bilge rat' crew they were talking about.