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Hey everyone, I am running a Viking themed campaign and I'm having "writer's block" on coming up with a solo Rogue adventure with a Viking theme to it. Can anyone give me some ideas to get the creative juices going???

The campaign is viking based
low magic
human centric
Currently in a fringe wilderness village township

Thanks ahead of time

Hi everyone, with Halloween around the corner and my shattered mind working overtime to get my new campaign off the ground on Halloween weekend (we just ended a 7 year 3.5 campaign). I need some help finding a product with cool Insanity feats or Madness feats, using either Call of Cthulu or Freeport D20 insanity rules.

Of course, anyone who has ideas of their own they want to share would be OUTSTANDING too! Basically these would be feats allowing for nearly supernatural abilities requiring a character to have a certain "Sanity/ Madness" score. Perhaps gaining bonuses on certain actions equal to the number of madness feats you have. The feats would be along the theme of Lovecraft, Ravenloft, Ukislav, and the dark pirate feel of Freeport.

The campaign I'm looking to use them in would be basically Galorian's Ukislav as the mainland to Green Ronin's Freeport (of course!). Rules are Pathfinder (Hoody-Hoo!). Also, I'm using Psionics in a creepy way similar to the old fluff from Ravenloft with an ample amount of Lovecraft to make it complete! Thanks to everyone ahead of time.

I have been looking for a listing of "Official" Plane Walker Prestige classes for my campaign, which is taking a vacation into the Planes. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I have the Manual of the Planes 3rd Ed. I need to know what book(s) to reference about a Plane Walker PrC. Of course, if there are other classes (besides the Manual of the Planes), I would be interested in knowing the names and what book I can find them in. Thanks in advance for the help.

I have been thinking about buying a virtual gaming "table" program, since hearing about 4ed. Most of my friends are not interested in 4ed and therefore are not interested in buying into DDI and paying a monthly subscription. Mainly because we continue to play 3.5ed for our games. However, I have about a half-dozen friends and former players who have been trying to get me to play a game online using a virtual game table. However, we are trying to make a decision between the Battleground RPG table and Fantasyground virtual table.

My question is...has anyone tried these two programs? If so which is better or worst? Does anyone know of another program that emulates these two?

Thanks to everyone in advance!

I have searched the site and only seem to be able to find a download for the alpha rules not #3. I have searched my downloads and it is not there either. Can someone please give me a link to it?

Hi everyone in Paizoland, I'm an old gamer, who has decided to make his first journey to the Meca of Gaming.......GenCon. However, I've never been to Indianapolis or GenCon, and I live in Los Angeles, CA. Therefore, I really have no idea of what I'm getting myself into (Besides a real-life adventure!).

I thought the Paizo community might have some good information and tips for a first timer to GenCon (ie I rolled 30 on my Gather Information skil, LOL). Any help concerning best hotel to stay in, nearby restaurants, must play games, beware of ?, and of course, feel free to share any special stories from GenCon past you have attended.

Originally, I was making this quest to meet Paizo's staff and of course the Grand Dungeon Master, Gary Gygax. However, with his sudden passing, I feel even more encouraged to go, although saddened I will never meet him in person. So any information or stories are very appreciated. Thanks!