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I didn't found this feat on the PRD.

KM WolfMaw wrote:
Hope to see? Class balance.


not nice !

class balance doesn't exist
balance only exist when class don't exist

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Starfox wrote:

Modern society has a way of being over-specialized for the kind of group dynamics Pathfinder are built around. SF settings have a tendency to be very bad for "party coherency" - the netrunner is away one way, the pilot does the flying, the soldier does the fighting. And in each of these scenes, the rest of the party are basically bystanders. Trying to avoid this hazard that has made SF games lean towards space opera. I think there are more interesting ways to do this.

Assume a very tight, reliable communications network that lets the characters be in different places and still be able to support each other. Things like personality splicing and remote control of equipment makes the split party a thing of the past - where one is, we all are. On the other hand it creates a very fractured, confusing storyline.

I guess what I am saying is that if done well, the post-cyberpunk hyper information society of a game like Eclipse Phase can be amazing. But it is very hard to do well. Perhaps space opera is the safe bet after all.

What I do NOT want is what I began with describing; a game where specialization only really allows one character to act at a time. Try and avoid sub systems and minigames for things like netrunning and space combat that only engages the specialists.

Your analysis is interresting.

I would also see a lot of tools to play sandbox game in SpaceFinder.

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Mixing it with Golarion is a bad idea.

The Pale King wrote:
I just want it to stick strongly to the genre choice James used in the blog post 'space fantasy'. I don't want hard sci-fi, I don't even want Star Trek, I want Star Wars or Warhammer 40k or more specifically Pathfinder in Space with some interesting tech, much of which I hope to be powered by magic or the like.

Star Trek is fantasy.

For the remaining i may agree.

martinaj wrote:
I'm hoping to see not to much Lovecraft stuff. I really want to like this, but once Pathfinder got heavy on the Dark Tapestry, I switched to Shadowrun, and I'm worried that JJ's Lovecraft thing could come through even stronger in this game.

Don't agree with that.

Can't wait for paizo increasing lovecraft content in Pathfinder and in Starfinder.
There are not enough.

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A new and expanded Taldor Campaign Setting Book like the last Cheliax one would be nice.

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According to this blog entry :

Taldor is "a mix between the cultural decadence of Amsterdam during the 16th and 17th centuries and the exceedingly complicated politics and government of the Byzantine Empire."


"16th and 17th century London also inspired the aristocratic culture of Taldor."

Any idea please ?

In the Wrath of the Righteous Player's Guide :

"Cavaliers also make fine crusaders, particularly those sworn to the order of the star or to the various battlefield orders."

What means "battlefield orders" exactly ?

Solution found
The End

Str 14 (+2), Dex 13 (+1), Con 15 (+2), Int 10 (+0), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 7 (-2)
Racial Modifiers +4 Sleight of Hand, +4 Stealth
Feats Skill Focus (Stealth) (+3 Stealth)
no class level ?

Int 10 (+0) gives 2 + int bonus = 2 skill ranks for humanoids
x2 = 4 skills ranks

Climb +6 = Str (+2) + 1 rank (+1) + class skill bonus (+3) OK
Perception +6 = Wis (+1) + 1 rank (+1) + class skill bonus (+3) + ? (+1) NOT OK
Sleight of Hand +7 = Dex (+1) + Racial (+4) + ? (+2) NOT OK
Stealth +13 = Dex (+1) + Racial (+4) + Feat (+3) + 1 rank (+1) + class skill bonus (+3) + ? (+1) NOT OK
Survival +5 = Wis (+1) + 1 rank (+1) + class skill bonus (+3) NOT OK

Question 1 : A mongrelman has no class where as it is a humanoid type whith only 1 hit dice creature ?

Question 2 : Where did came from +1 Perception, +2 Sleight of Hand and +1 Stealth ?

In "The Worldwound Incursion" there is a dwarf subrace called a millorn.

This king of dwarf has 3 wizard levels (+1 Fort), Constitution 16 (+3 Fort) and Great Fortitude (+2 Fort) which gives them Fortitude +7...

Maybe the millorn dwarf subrace get a +1 racial fortitude bonus ?

The rules about CMD say that a creature get +2 bonus on CMD per leg over his two first legs.

But the giant fly has :

Str 12, Dex 17, Base Atk +1; CMB +2; CMD 15 (21 vs. trip)

15 + (3 x 2) = 21 for 3 more legs over the two first legs which gives a giant fly with 5 legs

no ?

Or maybe CMD is 15 (23 vs. trip) with 6 legs instead ?

But what about

"Most of these variants have additional abilities, such as poison stings." ?

Bestiary 1

Where are Giant hissing cockroach, Venomroach, Spitting cockroach, Sawback cockroach, Dragonroach ?

"A number of species of giant cockroach exist, as summarized on the table above. Most of these variants have additional abilities, such as poison stings."

I would like to find rules for projections.

When a very strong creature hit someone of medium or small weight I imagine that this someone could be projected some distances away because of the impact.

But i never found a rule to represent that.

Any existing rule in the game ?

Or if not any house rule ?

I would like to find rules for projections.

When a very strong creature hit someone of medium or small weight I imagine that this someone could be projected some distances away because of the impact.

But i never found a rule to represent that.

Any existing rule in the game ?

Or if not any house rule ?

James Jacobs wrote:
Diego Rossi wrote:

James, there is a big discussion about Break Enchantment here. The doubt is if it can break a supernatural effect that is a Enchantment, Transmutation or Curse or not.

I think, both reading the text of the spell and falling back on how it worked in 3.X, that it will break supernatural effects (in this instance, specifically a vampire domination power) but other posters disagree.

Several of us have hit the FAQ button, but I would like your opinion, too.

A interesting e somewhat fun corollary a poster has found (and he has opened a thread about that) is that, as written, Break enchantment will cancel a Reincarnate spell (level 4, instantaneous transmutation spell, as required by Break enchantment). :-P
Sometime RAW is terrific.

Break enchantment can break appropriate supernatural effects. If only because there needs to be SOME sort of check and balance against things like vampire domination.

You say that Break enchantement can break a supernatural ability.

But Break enchantment break spells and curses and a supernatural ability is neither a spell nor a curse.

Supernatural abilities are not subject to spell resistance. A supernatural ability's effect cannot be dispelled and is not subject to counterspells. (Core Rulebook)
How a level 4 or 5 spell like Break enchantment can break a Supernatural Ability that even a Spell resistance cannot resist against ?

Can dispel magic and similar spells dispel the effects of abilities of that type? Supernatural Ability No (d20pfsrd.com)
Break enchantement is not a spell similar to a dispel ?

ok ok i understand all theses opinions but it still appear to me as a weird thing that devils and angels fight together against chaos

i obviously understand a lawful evil + lawful neutral and a lawful neutral + lawful good alliances but not a lawful evil + lawful neutral + lawful good one

and that any paladins whould be members of HELLsomething is very weird too

after all the lawful good and lawful neutral legions are no less organized than lawful evil ones...

and it's something to be a postman in a hellish nation and another thing to be the armed arm that apply the hellish orders of that nation above all when this armed arm is lawful good...

I understand some of the thnigs you say but not all.

I agree with that

"they predate Thrune"

"They are not members of Cheliax's army"

"just because you know they're evil doesn't mean you're going to attack them square away. Paladins need not act on impulse; they are lawful good, not lawful stupid"

And only that is coherent with my opinion.

But according to me there is no way LE en LG can work together.
And that cannot even justified by :

"Which is worse; Working with someone evil or letting your nation crumble into absolute chaos?"
Even under chaos menace angels will never work with devils !
And a paladin helping LE cause will immediatly loose is paladin status.

"They are not members of Cheliax's army, though they may work with them and members may serve in it."
It's impossible paladin could or even would work with an evil empire with devil minions.

" it is better to change a system from within rather than fight it head on"
the fact that the paladin cannot attack the LE hellknight immediatly canno jutify the work with them

The only way i can consider things to become is that LG and LE hellknight orders look for a way to destroy each other and wait until they find a mean do to it but it is impossible they could work together.

I suppose that for an example a vampire un blood frenzy could justify a barbarian class.

Bard-Sader wrote:
How much onyx dos you need to raise this thread into undeath?

I don't see any problem with returning old thread.

If there was a problem with that the forum would not keep old thread in the first place.

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I do not understand how it is possible that lawful good characters support to participate in the orders of the hellknights.

They can't ignore that doing so help the hellish nation of cheliax thrive and that it help adavance the devils agenda.

It's even far from my comprehension when they are paladin considering they just have to cast a detect evil to know they serve the wrong masters.

Or is there something different in the way alignments are to be played in the Golarion world ?

What about strategy guides for

- Base classes (Alchemist, Cavalier, ...)
- Hybrid classes (Arcanist, Bloodrager, ...)
- Occult classes (Kineticist, Medium, ...)
- Alternate classes (Antipaladin, Ninja, ...)
- Unhcained classes (...)

Without a strategy guide for each kind of classes the strategy guide for the core classes is near useless.

Fromper wrote:
My bard's also Andoren and uses perform (oratory). He gives inspirational speeches while fighting. ie "Ask not what the Pathfinder Society can do for you. Ask what you can do for the Society!"

These are communist style inspirational speeches. A bit strange in Andoran.

Lyarie wrote:
I would have posted it as in character, but I would have had to leave out the mechanics as the Faction talk is all IC.

IC ?

Lothar the Fellhanded wrote:

Study famous speeches by the Founding Fathers, use those exclusively.

"For Fantasy America-, I mean ANDORAN!!!"

Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God

>>> Benjamin Franklin

William Ronald wrote:
Most of my characters are Andoren. Now, as I recall, characters cannot refuse a morale bonus. That should annoy a few Cheliaxians. (There is the rule of Pathfinders must cooperate, so letting a Cheliaxian inquisitor whose teamwork feat feed off of one wizard's initiative was amusing. Especially when the wizard took overland flight and quipped that it was a good thing that he did not have rice and beans the night before the adventure.)


Logothete wrote:

Not quite a "FOR ANDORAN!" moment, but in a similar vein, I had a Taldan cockatrice cavalier.

Every battle started like this.

Funny at the beginning but maybe a bit irritant after a moment no ?

About that http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2i4xs?Andoran#1

Timespike wrote:
Andoran sounds like an intriguing mix of the best parts of the early United States and the Tau Empire.

What is Tau Empire ? And what is the relation between Tau Empire and Andoran ?

tribeof1 wrote:
I was thinking more Revolutionary France than USA, actually."

"Years ago, the heroes of Andoran emptied the nation’s prisons and freed all its slaves in an attempt to bolster the strength of the Revolt, and its people have henceforth subscribed to a militant abolitionism. Agents provocateurs dispatched from the capital city of Almas actively seek to undermine the Inner Sea slave trade and those nations that support it, which is nearly all of them. The world thus views Andorens as troublemakers and unwanted ideological imperialists." From Gazetteer

"militant abolitionism" and "ideological imperialists" looks far more US than France in my opinion.

I think that slaving never existed in France as it existed in US cotton plantations so there was no slaving to abolish in France and as a consequence this never concerned France in the first place.

Secondly the attitude to impose its ideology is typical to US.

Agents that undermine trades and nations around the world... who do that more than US ?

scooviduvoctagon wrote:

Now, I have TC1, D0, Guide to Darkmoon Vale - and I've flipped through the Gazetteer and Campaign Setting at my FLGS.

What means FLGS ?

Please help me build the complete list of product in wich are found informations about Andoran because I begin to build a semi sandbox/crawl game in that country and I need some help.

So far my list include :

PZO1105 Pathfinder Chronicles Gazetteer p. 25-26
PZO1111 Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting p. 60-63
PZO9226 Pathfinder Campaign Setting The Inner Sea World Guide p. 42-45

PZO1108 Pathfinder Chronicles Guide to Darkmoon Vale
PZO9279 Pathfinder Campaign Setting Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom
PZO9409 Pathfinder Companion Andoran, Spirit of Liberty

PZO9500 GameMastery Module D0 Hollow's Last Hope
PZO9501 GameMastery Module D1 Crown of the Kobold King
PZO9500-2 Pathfinder Module D1.5 Revenge of the Kobold King
PZO9515 Pathfinder Module D4 Hungry Are the Dead
PZO9506 GameMastery Module E1 Carnival of Tears
PZO9507 GameMastery Module J2 Guardians of Dragonfall
PZO9513 Pathfinder Module LB1 Tower of the Last Baron
PZO9514 Pathfinder Module LB2 Treasure of Chimera Cove
PZO9500-TC1 GameMastery Module TC1 Into the Haunted Forest
PZO9523 Pathfinder Module Realm of the Fellnight Queen

Pathfinder Society Scenario #13 The Prince of Augustana
Pathfinder Society Scenario #43 The Pallid Plague

Scribbling Rambler wrote:
... and there is a lot of detail on Cassomir in Cities of Golarion, with a corresponding map in the City Map Folio.

Cassomir is not and Andoran town.

Cassomir is a Taldor town.

And the The Devil You Know series takes place in Taldor too.


A ok I see

Too bad for the rule of class and not class skills.

But it that is.


Stockvillain wrote:
Nothing's stopping either class from taking a skill that's not a class skill; they just won't get the +3 class skill bonus.

One will need a lot of skill points to meet this requirement...

Stockvillain wrote:
I'm sure there's a Trait or two that can make either of those class skills for someone.

One can tell me which traits these are ?

Huston ? We've got a problem

Golden Legionnaire Requirements

Must be proficient with heavy armor >> Fighter or Paladin

Diplomacy 5 ranks >> Paladin Class skill not Fighter

Intimidate 5 ranks >> Fighter Class skill not Paladin

Or maybe a Cavalier but in that case why The Golden Legion’s commander, General Hedrik Traxxus is fighter 15 ?

This answer is not precise enough not to say it is vague.

For example what are the latitudes on the map?

Where is the line on the map between the cold, temperate, tropical and subtropical climates?

An so on.

There is no need to be a scientist to answer this question.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
What class is Art?

I beg your pardon ?

The Pathfinder products lack of structured information about the climate in Golarion.

How you handle the climate in Golarion?

We can suggest some hypotheses.

The barbarians vestiges existed long before this infestation of vampires happen.

In this case what triggered this infestation of vampires?

Is it that the vampires were buried among the ruins? In this case how and why were they released? What vampires have done among barbaric ruins?

Or is it that these vampires were attracted to these remains? In this case what is that attracted them there?

Many questions remains

My opinion is that one GM should not implement Undead Barbarians for undead creatures that are unemotional like zombies or skeletons.