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Hope it's not too late to post in this thread. It just made more sense to post here than to start another one.

Started a new gaming group! We are going to start with Reign of Winter (hopefully, that's a good idea).

The characters are coming along, and as soon as everyone's happy and finished, we'll figure out a day to start (ha ha).

We have a female gnome winter witch with a white owl familiar,

a male halfling fighter (slinger Dexterity type),

a male catfolk ranger who resembles a Canadian Lynx,

and someone insisted on playing the iconic inquisitor, Imrijka, but with the Ice subdomain instead of the Repose domain, to fit with the theme better.

Everybody's pouring over all the traits and feats over the weekend to get their background to make sense.

I'd also like to mention that the Wendigo is in both Bestiary 2 and Mythic Monsters Revisited, although Ithaqua, the GOO will likely be more powerful.

Of course, we are currently in the Reign of Winter, so maybe he'll make an appearance?

Does anyone know why the Warlords of the Apocalypse item webpage has been removed here at Has this item been cancelled?

If Mr. Skarka doesn't wish to keep us updated any longer, could it be delegated to someone who does, please?

I could only find one (Zarongel) of the four goblin deities with subdomains listed in this discussion. So my players can create their own goblin cleric for "We Be Goblins!", I would very much like to know the subdomains for Hadregash, Venkelvore, and Zogmugot, please.

I like the old picture, as it is clearly of an apocalyptic ruin, with the person in it armed with low-tech and improvised gear, which is what I'd expect an RPG book of this genre to have. The new picture has two people firing their guns at something, of which one seems half-dog, which isn't as iconic.

Gareth-Michael Skarka wrote:

You may not be aware, but we give complimentary PDF copies of our products to anyone who purchases a print version.

That's always been our policy.

Details here:

Okay. I understand that the pre-order through Adamant is closed, and that it's been stated that those pre-orders are the only ones to get the PDF this month.

However, according to you, anyone who purchases a print version will get a PDF.

So, if I pre-ordered the book through Paizo, and sent Adamant proof of purchase, that means one could get the PDF this month that way, correct?

Joey Virtue wrote:

So can we still preorder?

I would happily preorder as well if it meant I could get the PDF this month.

Nemo235 wrote:
Kthulhu wrote:
Maybe I'm just crazy, but unless a company specifically states that an offer like the "free PDF with pre-order" is valid at certain online stores, I assume it's only valid from their own website. I mean, nobody here tends to rage against Paizo because they didn't get a free PDF when they bought the Core Rules at Amazon. PG/licensees/adamantPostApocalypsePathfinderWARLORDSOFTHEAPOCALYPSENowPreOr dering

This announcement doesn't say anything about where the pre-order offer is valid.
I assumed since the announcement was on Paizo's site, I could order from here and get the free PDF.

Nemo makes a lot of sense. In addition, why are pre-orders closed on the site that does have the offer? A company would normally want to take pre-orders if the product wasn't out yet, right?

Enlight_Bystand wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Wiptag wrote:

I'm looking forward to the new adventures of Varian Jeggare and Radovan.

Will the adventure in this adventure path take place before or after Master of Devils? I apologize if this has been asked, and I was unable to locate the answer myself.

The assumption is that "Jade Regent" and "Master of Devils" more or less happen at about the same time.

That said, the CLOSEST that events in Jade Regent come to where Master of Devils is set still leaves something like a 3,000 to 4,000 mile gap between the two. Tian Xia is about three to four times the size of the Inner Sea Region, and Jade Regent and Master of Devils kinda take place on opposite sides of that continent.

AKA: There's no crossover between the two.

I think what Wiptag was asking (and if not, what I'm asking!) is where does Dave's six part story in this path fit into Varian and Radovan's history

Yes, that's what I was asking. Sorry that I botched it up there, and thank you for clarifying my question. I was referring to the new Varian and Radovan story in this adventure path, not the actual adventures.

Both come out in July, so I was wondering in what order they are to be read. However, after thinking on it, I figure that 'Master of Devils' is to be read first, as it would be a long time before the entire Pathfinder's Journal story in this adventure path would be released.

Will there be a Radovan miniature in the future as well?

I'm looking forward to the new adventures of Varian Jeggare and Radovan.

Will the adventure in this adventure path take place before or after Master of Devils? I apologize if this has been asked, and I was unable to locate the answer myself.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Patrik Ström wrote:
What/who is a Grey Gardener?
Wasn't he a Green Lantern?

I think the Green Lantern movie would have made more sense for Ryan Reynolds' portrayal half the time if it had been about Guy Gardner.

Laek Ayoti

This character has an interesting and logical background story with a lot of useful information.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Haldir wrote:
Question: Is there a colored picture of this guy anywhere? THX!
Such an image does not yet exist.

Shouldn't there be concept art that was commissioned and sent to the sculptor, though? Even the art that's not colored would be helpful.

Kvantum wrote:
Dark_Mistress wrote:
Kvantum wrote:
Any idea on why he's not a 2-pack with Padrig, his Eidolon, the way Lini and Droogami were?
Good question, unless Padrig is huge or something.
The stats in the demo sheets from Master of the Fallen Fortress had Padrig as a Medium size serpentine base form.

I agree that it would be nice to have a Padrig miniature.

James Jacobs wrote:

He's from the NPC Guide. More specifically... he's Erik Mona's character from the "Shadows Under Sandpoint" game I'm running for the editorial department every other Thursday evening.

Will a miniature of Vorn be made as well?

Patrik Ström wrote:
Ah, now i remember. There's a picture in the Inner Sea Guide. Thank you, i'm suddenly much more excited about this miniature!

Where is the picture? I can't find it.

I read that Dark Heaven miniatures are 25mm, but Pathfinder miniatures are 28mm. Is this true, and if so, is it a problem for those who use both sizes?

Kitsune YMG wrote:

I'm a veteran 3.X (and older) player looking to get into pathfinder. I'm pretty much relegated to doing pbp or chat due to time constraints on my part.

I'm up for pretty much any class/race (core or apb). I'd like to start low level, but am flexible and somewhat familiar with 3.X at all (non-epic) levels.

We currently have an opening for our Pathfinder game on our exclusive Teamspeak server. If interested, please contact me at

Hello! I currently have an opening to join a Pathfinder campaign on an exclusive Teamspeak clan server. If interested, please contact me at

RedBeardSean wrote:
Wiptag wrote:
Hello. I'm a player/game-master looking to either start or join a group in the west Madison area.

I'm recently moved to the Madison area (West Side), and looking at starting a Pathfinder game. Have two-three interested players so far, would like 3-4 more. Will be running the Kingmaker adventure path, probably start the game in June, and run at least two week-day evenings a month, possibly weekly.

Your post is from last October, so no idea if you're still looking, but let me know.

I'm sorry my response wasn't sooner. After three months of checking, I sort of gave up on this post. I only checked on it now to see if it was still here.

I am still looking for a game, so please feel free to contact me.

Tom Qadim wrote:

These "demonic giants who hunt the Crown of the World and clash with the warclans of the Hold of the Mammoth Lords" are very briefly mentioned in the Pathfinder Chronicles: Campaign Setting (pg 149).

Have they been mentioned -- or, better yet, given stats -- in any other Pathfinder source?

I'm going to use Frost Giants with the Fiendish creature template for now, although I haven't figured out how to handle fire yet. Do I use the frost giant vulnerability before the fiendish resist or is it the other way around - or do I drop one of them, and if so, which one?

I know it's up to me, the GM, but I've been currently wondering what design choice or rules handling is the most sound.

James Jacobs wrote:

Nocticula's already got the beginnings of a writeup, along with most of Golarion's other demon lords, in Pathfinder #18.

The book will also talk a bit about Lamashtu's beastmen, but I'm not sure yet if they'll get stats or some other rules mechanic like a simple template.

That sounds good to me. The alternative I came up with for now is to use the Bipedal Creature template from the Advanced Bestiary with the animals in the Pathfinder Bestiary. Therefore, I am also looking forward to the animal statistics in the Pathfinder Bestiary II - especially the goat.

James Jacobs wrote:

Malcanthet is the property of Wizards of the Coast, unfortunately. And since her name's completely fictional and not based on a real-world myth, one can't even reinvent her... by that name, at least.

In Golarion, Nocticula is very much the "replacement" Malcanthet, although she's a lot more violent.

I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully, I can purchase a Dragon #353 download from your online store someday soon. I look forward to reading your Nocticula entry.

On another topic, will there be statistics for the beastmen of Lamashtu in this product?

It escapes me as to which book has the statistics for this monster.

I hope Malcanthet is in the book. Otherwise, here's hoping she's added to Wayfinder #3.

Thank you, Lucian, for your prompt reply. I shall get to creating a profile as time permits.

Hello. I'm a player/game-master looking to either start or join a group in the west Madison area.

Hello! Is it too late to join? I'm from Wisconsin, and the Dawn of the Dead remake is one of my favorite movies that I own.