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Old system


I have not played the 6th edition yet, but I played the Original, over 30 years ago with Steve Perrin (the creator) at his house in N. Calif when I lived there.

In the "old system" Rune Quest was an extremely detailed allowing hit locations and each body area having it's own hit points. It allowed parries to block blows and was percentage based.
It was highly detailed, well written, and had unique histories of the races.

The reason for the 2 Star rating is a personal one. The game is so detailed to takes most of the game session to run ONE combat, so it is SLOW and I prefer a much faster moving game, like D&D or Pathfinder. But if you prefer a slow combat, detailed game then this may be your baby.
The only complaint I ever heard Steve make about his game is he once said he should have used Size instead of Constitution as the basis for determining Hit Points. Maybe that has been changed in the 6th Edition?

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I have a Hunter class character with a Allosaurus as a companion and this little guy works perfectly for it. A whole lot better than using a dice, dog or something. At 7th level it grows to large and won't work so well then but for now it's Great!

Almost 5 star


This awesome miniature is Huge (9 squares) and looks just as pictured. It is great for putting on the board to scare the crap out of your players.
The only reason I dropped it to 4 Stars was that mine came bent over at a 45 degree angle and I had to prop it upright for 2 weeks with books to remold the plastic to get it straight again.

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No CR Index?


I bought the pdf for this as my son is GM'ing the Wrath of the Righteous series and needed it for some of the encounters.

I looked through it and have since began using it for my own regular Pathfinder campaigns. It offers me an excellent selection of intelligent humanoids for encounters. It's easy to vary race, spells, weapons, armor, etc. The NPC's even come with mundane and minor magical treasures.

One thing it is sorely lacking is an Index by CR. I will likely take an hour or two and make my own up, but if it had come with one I'd have given it a Perfect 5 Stars! Another SUPER product worth it's cost from Paizo.

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Excellent Introductory Module


This is an excellent module for introducing both players new to Pathfinder and new to Fantasy RPG games in general to the system. It gets the players to learn to work as a team and use a few skills besides just combat ones.
It's easy to GM and fast, I can usually do it in under 3 hours and it gives most new players a sense of accomplishment when completed.

I pack a printed copy with spare chronicles in my briefcase all the time to events in case I'm needed to GM due to an overflow of new players.


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Unable to print out


I have downloaded this module 3 times as a pdf and been unable to print it out each time. I get the error messages:

"The Document could not be printed" followed by
"There were no pages selected to print"

The Flattening reached 91 or 92% then stops.
I can read the pdf on my laptop fine, I just can't print it out.
The chronicle prints out just fine, as do other documents by paizo.

I'd like to run it for my Sunday group but don't like doing it off a computer screen. Can someone look at the download and see what it's missing?


THURSDAY - 7/17 addition to review
Problem still exists but no need to worry about it for me. I found a backdoor I used to get a printout for myself, so I can GM it the way I prefer.
I did send an email to Sara at Customer Service also, but got no response. You can ignore that too.

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Poor Quality Book - Resolved..!


My son is GM'ing this AP and bought the 2nd book, Pathfinder Adventure Path #74: Sword of Valor (Wrath of the Righteous 2 of 6) at one of our local game stores in Spokane, Merliyns. In fact he had to order it.

He ran the 2nd session in it last night and the pages are falling out already! Regardless of the quality of the adventure, the quality of the book itself is REALLY BAD!!! One would think of you pay $20+ for a book it would last at least long enough to play it through once.

It is now May 20th that I edit this review posted May 14th.

About 2 hours after I posted the review on the 14th, I got an unexpected and unasked for email from Paizo Customer Service, saying they read my review and would have another Sword of Valor book in the mail to me by the end of the day.

The next day I got an email from Jeff Alvarez himself, telling me he had seen my review and giving me the name/email of the Customer Service manager to contact if I had any further problems.

We received the new Sword of Valor book in the mail yesterday afternoon, and after opening it and flexing it the book is in much better condition that the original one purchased.

While we still have not finished the adventure to give it a proper rating, I will change my rating here to 5 Star for the SUPER Customer support from Customer Service and Paizo's upper management.

I am really impressed, that with today's global corporations, Paizo cares about one individual customer enough to resolve a small problem with such efficiency and speed. With this kind of support they have my business for life!

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Individual figures


I would be more willing to buy these if one could select individual figures desiered rather than getting a "Grab Bag (box)" of unknowns.