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Vic Wertz wrote:
Kthulhu wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:
Normally, we'd put a page count on something like this, but since ePubs don't have preformatted pages (pages vary depending on the ePub reader as well as the user's specifed font preferences), there's no really useful data to provide here.
Word count, perhaps?
That may be the best answer, but I don't think enough folks would find that meaningful.

In case you are collecting data on the issue, I'd like to see word count as well.

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Doomed Hero wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
I am ashamed that I read the title and thought it was about Shuriken Nekogami.

You know, that's where my mind went first too. I'm not really offended by him or ashamed at my response. It was more of an eyeroll and a "what's he done to make people freak out this time" sort of thing.

I was the same, except until this thread I assumed the poster was a female and a minor who really did understand how she came across. I have a little bit different view of the poster, learning that is an adult male.

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Merisiel Sillvari wrote:
Winter wrote:
Some other combination I haven't come up with yet?


Many thanks! That's actually easier to pronounce that variations I had running around in my head.

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Well, I can spell your name and it looks very pretty. But I just can't seem to consistently pronounce it. Is it:


Some other combination I haven't come up with yet?

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Derekjr wrote:
TwoWolves wrote:

Go cut dewy grass first thing in the morning on a steep incline.

That'll answer your question about slipperiness, and might not cost you any toes in the process.

I still think it would be easier to walk over a greased forest trail (I didn't say easy, just easier) than a greased tile floor. Most forests I have been in had dirt and decayed leaves, not grass.

I think you are as equally likely to slip on either. I took a several very bad falls on a 4 mile hike through a wet forest last October. The fallen leaves decay into a layered mass of pretty slippery mud. So, when I slipped on the leaves, the top layer just shifted away underfoot and and I ended up on a second layer of leaves, so I was still slipping. (Even my dogs slipped a couple times each in that mess.)

If I had falled like that on a tile floor, my injuries might have been a little more severe (i.e., I might have broken my elbow rather than just badly bruised/sprained it)...layered leaves and mud are much softer than tile.

If I had to walk across a greased tile, I think it would be possible to "skate" across much easier than trying to move around obstacles on a forest floor.

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Jason Beardsley wrote:
Winter wrote:

Have you given any thought to a Linux version at all?

I fear the answer may be 'no' on that.. Linux gets very little love =/

I know. I always figure it can't hurt to ask, as it lets people know that there are interested Linux users out there. And there is always PCGen, which I have used for quite some time.

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lonewolf-rob wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
We actually don't use Hero Lab, really, because we're all on Macs at Paizo.

We're hoping to change that in the next few months. :-) Once the Mac version of Hero Lab is available, it will finally become a viable option for use within Paizo.

With the myriad combinations of options in Pathfinder, developing a bullet-proof character management tool is a highly complex task. It seems inefficient for Paizo to maintain a separate tool for in-house use that duplicates the work going into Hero Lab. Thus far, the lack of a native Mac version has necessitated the continued use of a separate tool, but that will shortly change. At that point, it may make sense for Paizo to consider using Hero Lab in-house - and they wouldn't be the first publisher to adopt Hero Lab this way.

In the one head-to-head test I'm aware of, Hero Lab compared favorably to Paizo's spreadsheet, as discrepancies uncovered a couple of issues in the spreadsheet. However, that was just a number of spot tests, so it's not a sound basis for drawing any conclusions.

We'll hopefully get the chance for a more thorough head-to-head test once the Mac version is ready. After that, Paizo will have concrete data upon which to make a suitable assessment. So the answer to the OP's questions could potentially change in the upcoming months. :-)

Have you given any thought to a Linux version at all?

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Jeff Alvarez wrote:
Our distributor is out of this book right now so I've emailed the manufacturer to see if they have any more or if it is OOP, when they expect a reprint to arrive. I'll jump back in when I have some kind of an answer.

Did you ever get an answer to this question? Looking through my OotS books, this is the only one I never bought.

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James Jacobs wrote:
John Kretzer wrote:

Hey James some questions about psionics.

At this point, I would probably guess that rules for post-20th level play would be more likely for us to explore first. I suspect that our take on psionics (which would most likely present them as a form of magic akin to divine or arcane, and would completely abandon point-based systems in favor of the Vancian system) would rile up too many people for us to want to give it a try, alas.

I'd find that a really intriguing take on psionics, which I really keep trying to like, but haven't gotten a good feel for.

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I attempted to download last night, and only once got the screen to say anything other than contacting personalizer. After I clicked personalize, the screen went back to saying contacting personalizer. Never was able to get the file (one I believe is fairly small). I was doing this about an hour before Damon Griffin posted his issues. I was asked for my password only a couple times, so that is much better than the last time I posted in this thread.

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My issues are similar, but I also get asked for my password every time I refresh the downloads page. (I'm using Firefox on Linux if that makes a difference.)

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I'm not an artist, but look forward to seeing what gets created.

And now, I'm going to have to look up eidolons...as I got very confused with quadruped base form, but six legs...

(This is what I get for taking a break from the hobby.)

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I've never played a pbp before and have a very limited knowledge of the pathfinder setting, but would be interested in joining if you get down the list to me.

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James Jacobs wrote:
Sebastian wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Papa-DRB wrote:

My preference also. Also, do something like the old Greyhawk maps and the rows are labeled with letters, and the columns are labeled with numbers.

We came VERY close to labeling the hexes in Kingmaker with rows of letters and numbers like the Greyhawk maps. We decided not to when I realized that the hexes we're using are more than big enoguh to hold that information right there in the map without obscuring details. It's a lot easier to find encounter area "H" when it's clearly marked on the map, after all, than it is to find encounter area "H42" by running fingers down and across hex rows.
Did you move the trading post at the last minute, or did it get an "A" because it is the first encounter of the AP? I thought it was funny that the row with the trading post goes B, C, A, D.
For all other maps, the encounters are alphabetized from left to right and top to bottom. For this first one, though, we intentionally set up Oleg's as encounter A because it's not just the start of the adventure, it's the start of the campaign! I wanted to start the adventure detailing Oleg's not the Greenbelt. I did push Oleg's as high up in the hex as it could get, though...

I was wondering if it got moved as well. It doesn't seem to match the location given in the intro on page 6.

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I have covenants but no HOA. So some of my neighbors have complained about my weeds (only 12" tall this year instead of over the fence, I'm trying, people (When the house was put on the market, my neighbor had to call the city and have them come cut down the backyard - the entire yard (nearly a quarter acre) was weeds 6 foot high)) and my house color (grey with purple trim, I didn't paint it, but like it, if you want it changed, pay the painters), telling me that neither is within covenants. But since there is no HOA, they can't do anything. However, I do worry that one day an HOA will form.

Now if only I could read the covenants, but the only version I have is a fax of a fax of a fax.

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I think KPDF, ePDF and XPDF (another one I've tried) are all poppler based.

I went to the adobe page and clicked Get Adobe Reader. It automatically detected Linux, but pointed me to the .rpm package. Choose different operating system and get one of the tarballs. I untar'ed it on my desktop. There is a README in the tarball with the installation instructions. I moved the AdobeReader to /opt and then ran

sudo ./INSTALL

Have to add it to the Applications menu manually, though.

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I was able to down Adobe 8 from the acrobat site. A slight pain to install with Ubuntu's (Feisty) sudo mechanism. The As show up in Adobe, but I don't know how well it would work for you (if at all).

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I'm also a Linux user and also have this issue. I saw a thread in the archives a while back that looked like Paizo thinks this is actually a viewer problem and not an issue with the PDF.

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Didn't see that there was no d6, sorry!

I don't know that I saw any matching d6s, but there seem to be a lot of foam d6 dice out there.

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Might these work? They are about 3" in diameter. I googled "foam polyhedral dice" and this particular set came up several times in the top ten. My link doesn't go to the cheapest place I saw, sorry!

I can't find anything larger except in d6.

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Congratulations Lisa and team!

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I'd be interested, but I've never played in PbP and am not attending PaizoCon II.

Am going on vacation the last week of September, too, so won't be available then.

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Don't know if it's related or not, but I've been having a horrible time try to even load the pages in the past couple of days.

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Lilith wrote:
Mistwalker wrote:
I will experiment with Photoshop (once I figure out which one to get).
Anything above Photoshop 7 is an excellent choice.

Lilith, would you recommend updating from Photoshop 7? I haven't really looked into the later versions.

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Sean Mahoney wrote:

I am NOT calling this manga or anything else. It is a unique and distinctive style that the artist has developed and I applaud him for having his own style. It works great in his own cartoon like Downer or in comic stylings which is how I took his work in Dungeon.

In Pathfinder, however, I disappointed at the choice of this artwork as it was not used as in Dungeon but in the adventure and background. This means that I do not feel comfortable showing this artwork to my players which has been something that has been a HUGE success with other Paizo adventures.
Sean Mahoney

I believe that Kyle Hunter only did the goblin on the Introduction page and that the drawings in the background information and adventure sections were done by different artists.

I didn't like Downer, but think the mini-monsters are rather cute. And used on the Intro pages, I think they give those pages a casual, conversational style, which may be what the editors were going for.

Looking at the blog post, it appears that he'll only have the one illustration in Pathfinder, and the cartoony art from the first issue is going away. So I think it will make Intro page style stand out more (for me in a good way).

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SirUrza wrote:
Anyway, my prescription only gone up a step in 15 years, so I'd say that my eyes are in pretty good shape. Regardless, I get my eyes checked every year as anyone with glasses should. :P

I wish mine did that. From the time I was 13 until I was 25, my prescription increased 1-2 steps every 6-9 months. The past three years it has increased a step each (I'm 28 now...you'd think my eyes would have stablized by now). Maybe I need a bat avatar. :)

I noticed that the font was smaller, but was still able to read it. The headings are large enough to look at quickly while skimming to find something.

Maybe there is a narrower, slightly taller font floating around?

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Vic Wertz wrote:
We think that reducing the paper quality would reduced the perceived value for most customers more than it would reduce the cover price.

From my experience working on a magazine in college, I think this is a key point. I agree with it a hundred percent. People really perceive paper value different than its cost.

I think Pathfinder is priced pretty well. If I were to pick it up in the store without knowing its cost, I would immediately think $20. The final issue of Dungeon I perceived at $8-10 (and it really does have a lower ad amount than similarly sized magazines), lower than the shelf price of the magazine. Something the quality of Dungeon is easy to beat up/tear and in my house is less likely to last over time.

As a subscriber, I feel that I'm getting a really good deal on Pathfinder. It is physically durable; it has high production values - i.e., the content and quality are there; I get an electronic copy that I can archive/use for notes; I'm getting it at discount over the bookstore (slight, but every bit helps). And like DarkArt mentioned above, the campaign setting information makes it feel more like a supplement and something I will want to keep around.

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I'm another who misses the frequency stat. I've pencilled in a range of frequency for each monster in the various books.

For most animals and vermin and the most common monsters, I actually do untrained Knowledge checks.

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Coridan wrote:
no gnomes that I'm aware of.

Apparently there is a single gnome in town, he runs the general store.

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I didn't notice the DO NOT BEND instruction on the label until you guys pointed it out. I'm used to it being a red stamp. My mailguy is pretty good, though and I'ven't had any problems with him even attempting to fold these mailers.

Very high production values (especially on the Player's Guide, which I was more or less expecting to be of magazine/brochure quality...I printed out a PDF copy to markup. :) ). The Pathfinder's Journal was much easier to read in the book rather than on screen.

Finally got a chance to read the adventure itself. Very cool (though the guy on pg. 29 is pretty gross...).

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Could you just send them a link to Player's Guide and mention that they are coming in the mail?

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That was my favorite new monster! A bit creepy, yes, but it resonated with me. I think it could be pretty fun to deal with the "looking for a playmate" aspect.

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Ace_Haven wrote:

No problems with opening on my personal PC or my work PC (where I do any printing I need).

Also I was taken aback at the multiple pdfs at first, but I actually prefer it because I can organize the files better that way. Make a folder for just the adventurer, one for the beastiaries, etc. Maybe that's just cause I'm slightly ADD.

I've done this, too.

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I have a pretty low-end laptop and it has pretty bad lag in several of the PDFs for Pathfinder (Thassilon, Beastiary, and Journal). It was so noticiable that I didn't even open the adventure to read it. It does appear that I'm in the minority with this though.

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From what I've read, nicely done!

I really liked the Bestiary, especially the Attic Whisperer.

I also enjoyed the Thassilon history. Very cool setup going here.

I've seen several typos/editing mistakes so far, but given the conditions under which the book came out, I can forgive them. I only had a hard time understanding what was meant once.

The font for the first page of the campaign journal was hard to read, especially the lines with a lot of characters on them. The spaces about disappeared on those lines leaving no visual breaks to aid reading.

It appears that I may be in the minority, but I appreciate this being in several PDF files. I don't have the best PC, and even the shorter PDFs slowed my machine due to the resolution and graphics. I'm probably going to hold off on reading the adventure itself until I get the hardcopy because of this issue.