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Any prospect of this Runelords friendly flip mat being reprinted? The PDF is great but having the real thing is even better ;-)

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Chapter 8 - Regional Coordinators......

I have noticed a few things here. I don't know if these were deliberate or accidental but I thought I'd mention them.
Global—Online Play: This is listed in the USA section of the list. Shouldn't it be international?
Dave Harrison and Rob Silk were listed as United Kingdom last year. They are listed as just England in the new release - what happened to the rest of the UK?
Belfast and Newtownabbey are in Northern Ireland (Part of the UK)
Dublin is in the Republic of Ireland (or Eire)

You are correct about Global - Online Play should be under International. I will get that fixed.

I list VC titles by what the VC or VL wishes to have their title read.

I only queried it due to the change from the previous listing and departure from the format used for the rest of the international listings.
Will PFS be looking to recruit VCs for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland now?

Northern Ireland has two V.O.'s at the moment! Myself & Andrew Wilson. I decided PFS would be cross border organisation as I was not & we are not restricting efforts to spread the PFS gospel to either side of the border! To be specific the "Ireland" in question refers to the island that includes both jurisdictions, the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland.

I spent some time at PaizoCon UK chatting to some Scottish Pathfinders over a drop of fine Irish Whiskey (from Bushmills, N.Ireland!) about establishing more of a PFS presence in Scotland. One of my best GMs is as we speak moving to Scotland where he'll be working towards that too. So hopefully we'll see something exciting happen in Scotland soon.

Looking forward to the Year of The Demon!


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I'd have to say that IMHO this is an excellent idea to drum up interest and a little funding for this rather special kickstarter. As to concerns about the detrimental effect of "selling" boons: This is not really any different to boons only being available if you pay to go to a certain convention. Nor is it very different to there being a boon attached to a book you have bought. I would go so far as to say that it is much the same as getting a limited edition miniature if you pay to go to an event. Using one related part of the Pathfinder family to boost another we'd like to see succeed seems like a good idea to me!

I am protective of the integrity of PFS but I feel that this is not a risk to that at all. In fact hopefully a vibrant online game and an active PFS will lead to a virtuous circle.


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Thanks to everyone who made the wedding themed shannigans of December's event so much fun! Congrats to Trevor H for best wedding guest costume! We look forward to the next TPK@TBK (The Black Knight Gaming Centre) the first of 2013!!

When 10:00 a.m. Saturday 12th January 2013

Where: The Black Knight Gaming Centre 
Unit 31 
100 Bank Road 
Larne , BT40 3Aw 
Great Britain 

Scenarios: The Golemworks Incident
Severing Ties
First Steps Part 1: In Service To Lore

(All scenarios subject to change)

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Interesting coincidence as this question came the other day.

Guide 4.2 wrote:
If you play a non-1st-level pregenerated character, you can apply the credit to your character as soon as she reaches the level of the pregenerated character played.

A literal reading is that the only time you apply the chronicle to anything other than a new character is "as soon" the character reaches 4th level. This I guess stems from the fact that the guide assumes that if you have an eligible character,then you would have physical possession of it and want to play it. As you note there are situations where you opt to play and your character file is not there.

So as I am not aware that there is an express restriction on using a pregen despite the player having a registered but unavailable character of the right level. I would tend to say that the chronicle should be applicable at 9-11 XP.


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I guess it is all about best use of resources. It has not proved practical to replace the APG iconics so clearly we don't have resources to burn.

If there were unlimited resources then we coud have more pre gens and have them faster. Given that we have already spent substantial resources on lvl 1, 4 & 7 there would have to be a pretty good reason to dump the 4s and 7s and replace them with 5s and NPC only 7s.

So as they have been invested in heavily I am glad that the 7s are here to stay.

So that leaves the question of would 5 be a better mid level than 4? Instinctively having a Mage with a lvl 3 spell is one of the things that separates mid from low. I like the idea and if it were to be done it woud have to be before the new lvl 4s come into play.


As Don points out the problem it that the lvl 3 modules that would be left without pre gens. This is a sticking point. If we need to support the entire range then 1 4 7 seems unavoidable.


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The November Monthly event is on the 17th at The Black Knight Gaming Centre, Larne. from 10 a.m.

Room for new players as well as the usual suspects.


We're on the pathfinder society Ireland group on Facebook.

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It's my pleasure to announce that there will be PFS at Dominicon held at NUI Maynooth, 16th to 18th November.

Old and new players welcome.