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First shalt thou disallow any and all future petitions by he who is known locally on the interwebz as 'yellowdingo', then shalt thou count to one, no more, no less.

One shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be one, and this is the number less itself of petitions that he who is known locally on the interwebz as 'yellowdingo' may be allowed to submit.

Two shalt thou not count.

Neither count zero, excepting that thou then proceed to one.

Three is right out.

Shadow Lodge

yellowdingo wrote:
I always consider the first Doctor to have a Gothic Horror quality. There he is - looking to dump two school teachers in the Stone Age to 'dispose of them'. He is the creepy Scientist who has his own agenda and will betray you to achieve it.

So...Dog-Man...we meet again.