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Wendaug watched the exchange with a bit of distance. She was a little preoccupied with her surroundings as her hand gripped the new bow she was gifted, eager to try it out.

"Lacking in common sense I would have to agree with you Laris." A wry grin spread across her scaly lips. "But if you do end up in hell Verim, at least we wouldn't be too far apart." A little smirk remained on her lips for a moment before looking down the road they would have to travel.

"You said you knew a little bit of the place, didn't you Laris? Since we recommend the paladins to keep guard, the place will surely be crawling with demons."

Wendaug seemed a little bit taken aback by the presentation of the gift once she had finished handing out the tankard. Though it seemed not like many were too keen on the drinks. She shrugged this off and moved to hold the bow up before her, tilting her head as she hefted it slightly and made the motion to pull back the string.

"It's... wondrous..." she said as she looked to Verim. [b]"I don't see how I'm worth this gift but its a masterpiece. She removed her quiver and old bow, setting it to the side as she hefted the new set and set it in place.

She had seen the inscription but did not say anything yet. She was a bit speechless. Almost like a child in a candy shop as she marveled the craftsmanship and the delicate care in the bow.

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Wenduag was right on the heels of Verim, curious as to what this gift was pertaining to, "There is a point of being too damaged to still hold any value though..." a small wry smile twisted her lips then as she was attempting to look over his shoulder. "I'm afraid I don't have much of a gift for you though..." She glanced at him for a second before she mulled over what she could possibly do. She gave him a sudden jab in his side before scurrying off to the other end of the inn, trying to fish something up.

It would only be a moment before she was strutting her way back with a platter filled with tankards, enough for everyone. "For the road!"