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No Value, go for singles


Bought 1 box and am so underwhelmed with the poor, bland paint jobs and the very pedantic selection of minis being represented. The box was 4 barely painted, off scale mini's
Stout Heart Halfling Female Bard (C)
Kobold Fighter (C)
Wraith (U)
Ice Giant (U)

Yep this could be your pull. Feel free to cherry pick some singles but I would avoid case or boo-ster buying.

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I like this product but there could be many impovements. Currently this comes with two black bands that are cloth covered rubber so they do slide around a bit, eiter notch the pillar or use gummier rubber bands. The first time I put this on the table everyone loved it and went and bought one. A must if your character flies. The base expansions need work but overall I really liked this product and the price is right.