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Is there a printable character sheet for Ekkie?

Ouch. I hope the fire doesn't turn out too costly for them. Something like that can kill a business.

My preorder is in, too. This book looks like it'll be a good one. The PDF collection alone would probably be worth it.

Wow, that PDF price surprised me. I assume it's to serve a dual purpose: make it easy for players to get the rules for cheap and to make it price competitive to buy the book from another retailer (Amazon, Borders with one of those coupons they always have). I was debating for myself whether to subscribe or buy from Amazon. I think now I'm going to buy it from Amazon and later get the PDF. I know Paizo likes people subscribing, but given that money is tight for me and I'm still catching up on old Pathfinder books, I need to save all the money I can and Amazon's good for that.

The big crowd scene is a little boring. I liked the 3.5 Eberron and the Star Wars Saga Edition screens a lot more.

Proficuus wrote:

Hook's crocodile has found us! Run for your lives!

Going to get this had me going to a local game shop I didn't even know existed. I might have to go back sometime, though. It was a pretty nice little place. And something that did kind of surprise me was that it had given about equal space in its shelving units to Pathfinder stuff and 4E. It seems that they're both doing pretty well.

I also snagged the 4E module and Paranoia book. I'm not too much of a 4E fan, but I do like Eberron and the module's plot can always be adapted to 3.5. Plus, the tile section it came with can work with any version of D&D. I would've grabbed the free dice too, but what's the point of a set of two polyhedron dice that doesn't even have a d20 in it?

So, when is the next set of these minis due?

I'm not saying that O'Brien and Bashir actually were gay. But I do seem to remember O'Brien having some lines about how he liked Julian more than his wife and wished she was more like him. That combined with how they were almost always together makes the jokes really easy.

I somehow feel like I have to mention in this thread the rather hilarious at times relationship between Bashir and O'Brien on DS9. Do I need to say more?

Huh. I guess that search doesn't cover those magazines, just the actual books.

Eh, whatever. This chupacabra is still awesome.

Call me crazy if you want, but I've always suspected that Garak (spelling?) from Deep Space Nine was supposed to be gay.

Huh. I might have to look at the Tome of Horrors again. There definitely doesn't seem to be any official, Wizards of the Coast version. There's a monster search thing here for 3.5 stuff:
No Chupacabras or Gremlins. And the Pathfinder versions are awesome. I love the item-cursing and unluck aura abilities and how the Chupacabras self-buff via blood drinking.

I've just got to say this: I can't believe that noone has done d20 stats for a Chupacabra or Gremlin before! They're awesome and the adventure itself, while I have not run it for a group yet, seems very good.

Lilith wrote:
Waspinator wrote:

It's a chupathingy!

*wonders if anyone gets the reference*

"Chupathingy! I like that, it's gotta RING to it."

Red vs Blue for the WIN. I have the Chupathingy t-shirt.

Red vs Blue does have some awesome quotes.

"She ripped Jimmy's skull out and beat him to death with it."
"That doesn't seem physically possible!"
"That's what Jimmy said too."
"This doesn't seem physically possible! ARRRGH!"

It's a chupathingy!

*wonders if anyone gets the reference*

Yeah, a set of every monster from the Bestiary would be insanely big. It'd make a lot more sense to do a set of goblins, a set of ogres, a set of zombies / skeletons, a set of elementals, a set of demons, a woodland set with nymphs and centaurs, etc... The entire Bestiary could be covered between them without forcing you to buy all of the sets to get the specific ones you want. And let's be honest here: does anyone ever use EVERY monster from any monster book? Unless you're playing the World's Largest Dungeon, of course.

Something I'm doing with these and have done in the past with other paper minis: hot glue guns. You can use normal printer paper plus a hot glue gun to build the miniatures and they turn out pretty sturdy. The glue, when it cools, makes a solid enough plastic that they work well.

Honestly, the easiest way to merge settings like this is just to stick on a really, really far away continent. Maybe have there be large storm systems around it to explain the near-total isolation between it and the Inner Sea region we're familiar with in Pathfinder.

Or, if I remember correctly some of stuff in the Second Darkness issues of Pathfinder, there is precedent for world-linking portals in Golarion. It's a bit of a plot device, but you could have someone have just recently found and reactivated a portal that leads to another planet that contains Ptolus. Thus, the two settings could have developed in isolation and later meet. On a similar path, we could start pulling out Spelljammer, Dragonstar, or Planescape to link them together if we want to get really complicated.

I'd rather have two pages and have everything come out nicer than one and have them be squished like mad.

On the subject of toggling between different settings: why not just include each version in the file we download? I may not be a computer expert, but I really doubt a single PDF file containing the data for all of those options would wind up having much of a smaller file size than several separate PDFs, each with one of the combinations.

Fair enough. If the numbers don't work out for a price decrease, I can understand that. You have to make enough money off of these for it to be worth your time, after all.

Two things:

1: The personalization problem. Is it possible to get this PDF revised so that that space is left blank? It's kind of annoying to have that text on the mini's base. Also, this may just be me and my printer, but I could print the first two sets just fine with scaling set to none but this set has part of the last few figures' bases cut off if I do that. The margins seem just a little too tight on this set, probably due to their being more put on a single page than in the previous ones.

2: Would it be possible to go back to the black bases or to maybe have the PDF include both versions on seperate pages? I prefer them over the white ones, personally.

toyrobots wrote:


I'd just like to say that I think the minis are awesome, but if I had known there would be so many sets I would have spoken up on behalf of a lower price-point. The PDFLove deal ends very soon, but I think that the 35% off price was actually closer to what you should be charging if you want people to buy these products on impulse.

$4-5 is what I might like to pay for a whole AP Chapter's worth of minis, especially considering I take the burden of physical materials with my wallet also. If we're looking at four to five different sets to cover a single AP chapter, I should say that payments of 1-2 dollars are probably in order. Of course, that's just me, and you should let your own sales dictate the price you're going to charge.

-the proud owner of three new paper mini sets

I'm going to have to echo this. The sets so far do seem pretty neat, but I wouldn't mind a slightly lower price point. Especially after the current sale ends. I'm 3 for 3 right now, but I'm not sure that will last.

I don't know if a full set of just wizards would be needed, but I'm just suggesting that if you want people to use these as the primary minis of a campaign you need to make sure to make some PC-friendly sets and not just the monsters and NPCs of the Pathfinder arc. Heck, even the iconics don't cover all of the race/gender combos you can do with the primary races. To be able to really make these usable for PCs, it'd probably be good to do say, a set of dwarves in various clothing and armor styles with various weapons, a similar set of elves, and so on. "Old human wizard with a pointy hat" may be a cliche but people still want to play it sometimes and they're going to be annoyed if they can't just because it wasn't picked as a Pathfinder iconic and their DM wants to use these minis. The monsters for the Pathfinder arcs are important, but the players will probably want cool and at least somewhat-unique-looking characters to play as while fighting them.

Question: when we will be seeing some PC minis? The two sets so far seem nice, but are both pretty much NPC-oriented. Well, I guess you could have a gnoll or one of the caravan members as a PC, but that's limiting your concepts a lot. When will we be getting some more standard adventurers? We could use some elves, dwarves, halflings, and whatnot to be able to really build a party.

Erik Mona wrote:
I think Sibbecai would would perfectly. The market city of Katapesh attracts visitors from literally all over the multiverse, so the opportunity to play an unusual PC race is basically built into this campaign in a way that is quite different from our other offerings to date.

Interesting. That is a big change from say, Rise of the Runelords, which tends to assume that the characters are from Sandpoint.

I'm looking forward to this, but I'm going to have to wait. I'm getting it from Amazon. No offense to Paizo, but Amazon's store has most Pathfinder stuff at similar prices to what they are after the subscription discount but without a shipping charge (assuming that you have enough for Super Saver shipping). Does anyone know when Amazon will be getting their copies?

Xaaon of Korvosa wrote:

Another way to revive from a TPK, is to have everyone think they're all dead...

later they are all raised from the dead by a new they literally now owe their lives to...

I have a feeling I'm going to have to do this to my players at some point when we start one of the new APs...

First I have to strategically kill off their characters in Xen'drik so I can start a new AP in Golarion...or I suppose I could have some sort of fun effect that transports them all to Golarion...possibly to take up where their old characters just died...warforged in Golarion go from being weapons of war to a wondrous new invention...sentient how do we build one of those??? let's take it apart and find out....MWUAHAHAHA

Well, do you want Eberron and Golarion to be on the same plane or not? If they're not, a quick plane shift is all it takes. A plot along the lines of "<insert evil group> from <insert plane> is building an army to invade the various material planes" could be the hook. The party defeats a group of demons or whatever, goes through the portal they came from, and fights a bunch more on the other side. The portals start failing, including the Eberron one, and the only one left to take is the Golarion one. The rest writes itself.

Alternatively, if they are in the same plane, then you could do some kind of space travel story. I'd look into Spelljammer or Dragonstar for ideas for that.