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The 8th SLA ability of a conjuration school wizard says that "You can bring other willing creatures with you, but you must expend an equal amount of distance for each additional creature brought with you."

Does that mean you must spend double teleport distance every time you try to teleport both yourself and your familiar with this SLA?

I had a game with 11 people. Each combat turn took about half an hour.

Rimed ice storm = 20ft radius entangle with decent damage inside a difficult terrain, no save

I've noticed that witch get patron spells like ice storm at levels before you can normally cast them. Does that mean that the witch treats the patron spell as being lower level, or do they just have a useless spell known at that level?

Also, why is silence in the time patron?

Yup. A player tripping into a pool in the starting village right after the campaign begins and roll a bunch Nat 1s in their full plate for swim check and drowning hardly adds anything to the story, mechanics aside.

Matthew Morris wrote:

Me: From a Marvel Superheroes campaign.

** spoiler omitted **

Thus was the Dr. Doom wannabe turned into an ally.

To Me:
Party has to fight a dragon to get through a portal. He can't leave the demi-plane alive.

So they fight and kill him, bring his body through the portal and raise him gaining a powerful ally. *sigh*

You just missed the plot hook that when the hero changes the past and return, everything goes to s!@~ due to butterfly effect a la Flashpoint ;)

Inquisitor. Divine Favor works great with fate's favored, judgement is nice, you get wis+dex to initiative at 2nd level, some sense motive bonuses, and most importantly bane (although it's gonna be a while). You lose out on BAB, but Divine Favor and judgement kinda fixes that problem. You already have a pearl of power that's useless for monks anyways. Could also get travel domain to pump your movespeed even further up, or luck domain for skill checks out of combat. Even tactics domain is good, as it lets 1 ally roll initiative twice and take the better roll a bunch of times per day at your level. And initiative wins encounters.

Otherwise take ninja, they share ki pool. I do feel that improved crits was a waste of a feat, though. Bracers of Falcon's aim is a straight up grade to lesser bracers of archery and cheaper as well, as it gives the same +1 competence bonus to hit, but also makes the bow crit range to 19-20x3

Hurtful + Shatter Defenses + Cornugon Smash is great for martials. Casters, probably not...

I'm a bit confused, never played a caster. How does one get bigger fireballs that deals flat damage? (i.e. The example given for the fire cleric)

Would someone mind explaining the mechanicals and inner workings of the fire theologian?

I'm taking witchwolf. I'm not really a fan of the hoof secondary attacks, and the +2 to all saves is a godsend for a martial with only 1 good save. True, you could take superstition, but one can never have high enough saves

I'm playing a natural weapons skinwalker. Feats go into power attack and extra features.

However, is DR equal to half your level going to cut it, seeing how damages scale far quicker as your levels go up? How does a barbarian stay alive, other than having a lot of hp?

I know about stalwart, and its prerequisites are far too hefty for the build, I'm afraid.

I've never played a barbarian before, and I'm wondering about armor class. Would 18 at 5th level and 16 while raging be good enough to not be destroyed especially at range, despite the d12 hit dice?

Jarred Henninger wrote:

High dr only really requires 2 feats, 4 if you weren't planning on getting endurance and die hard.

Stalwart and improved stalwart.

My PFS barbarian with his 8 AC would only take 2 damage on average from the above dragon with the DR 15/- stalwart gets him to.

I believe 4 feats, an archetype, dropping a lot of attack bonus, probably one or two rage powers dedicaded to it is the very definition of dedicating most of your resources to obtain it. Not to mention having to get to 11 BAB in the first place. Assuming level 11 (minimum to obtain both feats), even as a human or half orc with shaman's apprentice, you would only have 3 feats left at 11 (I'm playing at 4th level). One will probably be power attack, the other will probably be raging vitality, leaving only 1 feat to do something else. You would lose that 1 feat if you don't pick either race. You would also probably have to spend that 1 feat on something to build up the dodge bonus from combat expertise, or something that doesn't destroy your to hit bonus from fighting defensively. And if you're just full defending every turn to get that DR15, you essentially become a really tough, moving scarecrow.

How does one build high AC or high DR on a barbarian without dedicading most of your feats/resources to it, then?

Is Reckless Abandon actually worth it? Most martials don't really have problems hitting with power attack penalty, but is it actually worth it to push the Barbarian AC even lower than you already do via rage? At low levels you can actually go as lowas 13 even in medium armor.

Are a skinwalker's natural weapons primary or secondary? The page itself doesn't seem to say either.

If you want guns, get Trench Fighter. Stacks with Eldritch guardian and gets +Dex to firearm damage at level 3 and +2 cover bonus. You probably should get gunsmith though, and remember that firearms are outrageously expensive in pathfinder

Why do people want Paladins to fall left and right like it's going out of style? PCs should be explicitly told that their action would cause them to fall, at least, and not be set up to fall by the GM, either in "kill another PC on a Pvp unfriendly game" or "Fall or die" decisions unless they put themselves in that situation in the first place. The intention is there is so that player keeps in character of a paladin and don't make contradictory actions. Falling is mechanically not fun to play. It's a pain in the ass playing what essentially is a fighter with 2 good saves and no class features.

I'll summarize. Falling is there to keep paladins in character, not for GMs to "punish" the player for daring to play a paladin at his table or as a plot device without the consent of the player in the first place.

Gee, I'm asking a rules question, no need for sarcastic snide remarks

If a creature has only one natural weapon, it uses x1.5 strength modifier for damage. Does that apply to monk's unarmed damage as well?

For Tumor familiar to benefit/give benefit for teamwork feats that require an adjacent ally with the same feat (i.e. Valet familiar), do they need to be detatched for the feat to work?

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You can actually go Eldritch Guardian + Mutation Warrior + Martial Master

The thing is, taking off loses speed, since you can only fly up at a 45 degrees angle at half speed. And if you get hit you risk falling, which does no falling damage at 5ft but will make you fall prone. Unless there's a hazard on the ground, it is mostly a smarter idea to not remain flying

The fly spell text explicitly says "40 feet if it wears medium or heavy armor, or if it carries a medium or heavy load" meaning that it's 40ft if you wear a breastplate or a full plate, but at med load it would be 40 even if you wear no armor.

The wings discovery:

The alchemist gains bat-like, bird-like, or insect-like functional wings, allowing him to fly as the fly spell for a number of minutes per day equal to his caster level. These minutes do not need to be consecutive, but they must be spent in 1-minute increments.

Really? But the fly spell (which the alchemist wings are based on)already has a penalty to the movespeed (From 60ft to 30ft) for wearing medium/heavy armor? I would assume it doesn't stack, otherwise it would already have been reduced? But the main point is, I can move from ground spot to another ground spot using fly speed instead of land speed, is that correct?

What I'm asking is whether I can fly at ground level. As in use fly, but not increase elevation from the ground, because then you'd lose speed from half movement to go up. I'm talking about wings flying, btw. I have an alchemist in medium armor, reducing his speed to 20ft, and his wings discovery fly speed to 40ft. What I'm asking is if I'm standing on the ground and there's say, a kobold 40ft away, also on the ground, instead of charging using land speed, can I use my fly speed to move over to the kobold and smack him across the face with a sword? Or rather, if that kobold is 60ft away, instead of running up to it using a full round using my land speed, can I charge it using my fly speed although both me and the target are currently on the ground?

So I can essentially substitute my land speed with fly speed while moving in a straight line or turning 45 degrees mid-movement? (i.e. not having to make a fly check for turning >45 degrees or hover)

What I mean if I want to move from point A to point B, which is 40ft away from point A, which are both ground positions, and have a fly speed of 40ft, would I be able to just use the move action to fly there without flying upwards then downwards?

If one gains a fly speed that is greater than their ground speed, would they be able to fly along the ground at 0 height elevation? Or does one have to ascend first, then fly without changing altitude to use the fly speed?

I think if someone goes with an 18-20 weapon, they are quite obviously making a crit build...

According to the build you suggested, why scrap the skill focus though? It's a big boost and humans can get 3 of them for free instead of the free level 1 feat.

You're assuming that everything I'll be going up will have about 20AC. This is far from the case. Furious focus itself doesn't provide a bonus to attack, but negates penalty so it stacks with everything.

Of my time of play I find that it's more common to go up against something with a much higher AC. And hitting the first attack is very important to set up shatter defenses to improve the hit chance of subsequent attacks.

This might just be a personal preference thing, but I think I would prefer the +15% chance to hit on one attack over +6 damage in a single round. Besides, it doesn't have to be one or the other as Furious focus and WF/GWF stack

@Aelryinth: Darksol explained that the DC of Dazing Assault is really low for its level compared to the -5 to every attack, which seems detrimental to the hit chance. GM Doesn't allow buying Ioun stones except the ioun torch.

You cannot turn shaken to frightened using demoralize, unless you have a Damnation feat with pretty hefty prereqs. Right now, I am considering replacing weapon spec with iron will or improved init, both of which in hindsight are probably more useful in general.

Alright, so would you recommend Iron will for 9th (since it's not a combat feat), Improved Initiative, for 10th (With dex and reactionary will bring it up to +7, +8 at 12th level if I put the extra ability point into dex), Critical Versatility at 11th and Penetrating Strike at 12th?

I've given up on deadly stroke. I suppose I saw it as a good thing if I had to move + attack and get a free 'crit' with con bleed, although I have 15-20x2 anyways.

I think the 30% chance to double your damage is much better than increasing your damage ceiling by 4 points. Right now I'm thinking Iron Will for 9th and possibly improved initiative for 10th and Critical Versatility or something? Do you think cleave and great cleave would be worth the 9th and 10th slot over +2 willsave for fighter and +4 initiative?

Do you think deadly stroke would be worth getting greater weapon focus for?

@177cheese: I didn't know about that! Free skill focus, very nice! Yeah, I suppose will save would be better in that case, although fighter will save is so abysmal I'm not sure the +1 will actually help with much. I'm using a Keen weapon, so might as well save the feat slot for something else

@Darksol: GM houserules can't drop stats below 8. I did end up dropping int to 8 and wis up to 12 at the cost of 8 health from favored class, though. GM uses a lot of perception rolls for surprise round, so I think it's a good thing to go with eyes and ears in this case, although I went with Veteran Jungle Guide instead. I am using Keen weapon, so improved critical becomes a moot point in this case. I suppose critical versatility is a good feat that allows me to bypass Critical focus as a prerequisite. What do you suggest I do with my feats beyond level 8 then? Iron will or improved initiative maybe? Those two and Lunge seem to be prime candidates.

Right now I have on track are

9th: ???
11th: Critical Versatility
12th: Weapon Spec
13-20: ???

Do you have any really good feats I don't know about? Also, hammer the gap only applies to attacks that are part of the full attack itself, so the Hurtful attack doesn't count towards it :/

What do you think of this fighter build? current is at 8th level

Human Two-Handed Fighter (18 point buy (I know 18 is a bit weird))
Str: 22(16 base, +2 racial, +2 item, +2 from 4th & 8th level)
Dex: 13
Con: 14
Int: 10
Wis: 10
Cha: 10

Traits: Eyes and Ears of the City (+1 per, per is class skill), Defender of the Society (+1 Armor AC)


1: Power Attack
Human: Furious Focus
1: Weapon Focus (Falchion)
2 Fighter: Intimidating Prowess
3: Dazzling Display
4 Fighter: Weapon Specialization (Falchion)
5: Skill Focus Intimidate
6 Fighter: Cornugon Smash
7: Shatter Defenses
8: Hurtful

The goal is to use demoralize with power attack + cornugon smash to apply shaken in order to use Hurtful swift action to give an extra attack at full bab with Hurtful and use Shatter defenses to make the subsequent attacks easier to land by inflicting flat footed status.

Possible Feats include Critical Focus at 9th, Either Greater Weapon Focus or Lunge at 10th, Dazing Assault at 11th, Greater Weapon Spec at 12th, Staggering Critical at 13th

I have 10 Dex and 20 Cha in my build right now. What would you value more between Furious Focus and Noble Scion of war in this case?

For the Castigator, what do you think about:

1: Power Attack
1/Human bonus: Fey Foundling
3: Weapon Focus (Falchion)
5: Greater Mercy
7: Extra Lay On Hands
9: Critical focus
11: Dazing Assault
13: Staggering Critical

Only thing I have a problem with is the weapon focus- I like the +1 but is it worth it by itself in such a feat starved class?

Also, what do you think about Noble Scion of war feat and dipping Oracle to get Nature's Whispers?

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The CR6 Seugathi. My GM recently put 2 of them in a small room, started dropping mind fog. All PCs have to make 4 DC somewhere around 20 in mind fog imposing -10 to willsave just to not be mind controlled since they have a 30ft confusion DC20 aura and can control the actions of a confused creature as a free action. And since that activates every turn, you fail a mind fog save and you're a slave to them, especially if there's more than 1 seugathi aura active meaning that you'd most likely have to roll 2 Nat 20s in a row at that level to escape the effect.

That session essentially deteriorated into the GM playing with himself while asking us to roll the dice for our PCs hitting themselves or another PC. Did I mention that most of the PCs in that session were 11th level?

Why the 18 Cha though? With 18 Cha instead of 20, I get +1 initiative and AC and +8 health, which is good and all but -1 to willsave because of the Paladin's class feature, as 20 charisma gives +5 to all saves. Furthermore, it also gives me +1 attack and +1 ac while smiting and the most important of all an extra lay in hands, meaning that I am losing out on those 8 health to potentially gain up to 40 with Fey Foundling. To be honest, I don't really see how sacrificing 2 Cha and gaining 2 Dex and con is a good deal :/

What is the tactics with wand of mirror image, though? I've never seen that before.

I took the concentration traits because I will be casting swift or faster action spells possibly in melee like Litany of Righteousness, Grace and Paladin's Sacrifice, which as far as I'm aware are still vulnerable to fizzling out if you fail the concentration check, which you can't really afford to since Paladin has very few spell slots

I can get 18 max at first level and no score below 8. What do you think about the build?

Str 20 (2 racial, 2 item)
Dex 10
Con 12
Int 8
Wis 8
Cha 20 (2 levels, 2 item)

Race: Human

Archetype: Oath of Vengeance

Human bonus- Power Attack
1st- Weapon Focus- Falchion
3rd- Greater Mercy
5th- Extra Lay on Hands
7th- Ultimate Mercy

Favored class bonus went into +1 hp every level

Planned feats:
9th: Improved Criticals- Falchion

+2 concentration checks
+2 caster level
+2 initiative

I plan to be using Bless and Divine favor in battle, and a spell slot for grace in case I need to wade into the middle of enemies. 2nd level spells I plan to use are litany of righteousness and either Inheritor's smite, Paladin's sacrifice or Fire of Entanglement

The idea is to be able to do damage, but also have decent healing or use extra LoHs as extra smites as per Oath of Vengeance, with some survivability with greater mercy and Ultimate Mercy for emergencies involving PC deaths.

Does Weapon Focus from a resonant opalescent white pyramid ioun stone count as prerequisite for other feats?

Paladins. You can go melee, ranged or even mounted with a Paladin. They have great saves, nice survivability with their d10 hit dice and swift action combat heal, and can do some magic once they hit 4th level. They will probably be lacking in int and wis skills, but traits can help with class skills while archers can focus on Dex skills while melee focus on Str skills, and all of them would also have nice charisma and interaction skills.

The setting isn't hard to come up with. All paladins have the same alignment and usually share a common goal. It wouldn't be strange to see a band of them on a holy mission or something. Although you may need to give some leeway to their code of honor thing due some party members possibly taking "dishonorable" skills (bluff, stealth etc.)

How about the party plays evil characters who aids the coming of the apocalypse? Then the post-apocalypse campaign can have the players roll up new characters...

With their former PCs as the big bads!

Is it possible for a character to make a bite and gore attack in the same full attack action. The arguments so far are pretty split and seems inconclusive

An incredible mythic creature is in an argument with a monster


I'm going with fighter with Skill Focus and Intimidating Prowess with 20str. Anything I can do? My traits are Eyes and Ears of the city and Defender of The Society. I'm not sure if +2 intimidate trumps perception in a fear build.

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