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Good stuff...


I know when I think about purchasing a pdf, I always wonder what kind of characters are in it. Well I've decided without giving too much away I would post a brief list of the characters found in this accessory.

Bandita - Zorro-esqe swashbuckler and illegal alien
Colors - Color controlling artist and defender of the streets
Dervish - Iranian diplomat and with a brutal sense of justice
Everyman - He (or she) who watches the watchmen?
Gatecrasher - Troubleseeking gypsy
Lightning Bug - 2nd generation hero with shrinking and electricity powers
Mane - Has prehensile hair powers and a big secret
Roach - Freelance insect-communicating detective
Twilight - Teen hero in the vein of Sleeepwalker
Wildfire - Speedster fighting a war on drugs (for personal reasons)

I was excited to see this product from the moment I read the preview character, Bandita. I have to say that I wasn't let down. I can see definite uses for all of these characters.

As a note a two of the characters use powers from Ultimate power, something I was confused about at first.