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Slaad-Barr wrote:
bites head off Wafu Dretching

telepathically: Ouch?!

Heya Ranchy D, I don't need a head to cuddle.

Cobb Slaad wrote:
Which one of you killed Alexis!?

{whistles innocently, scoots slowly away from Stabby McRanchy, jerks head subtly and repeatedly toward Ranchy...}

Poppyseed Dretch-ing wrote:
Oi! Get a room!

{bats eyes coyly, pats seat} OOOO, helloooo nurse! Come sit next to me and Ranchy here. {snorts crushed croutons} Mmmm, there's plenty for you too.

Ranch Dretching wrote:

<Stabs Waffles with stick of celery>

Bleccchhhh! That reminds me of the time I had to give that balor a sponge batch--with my tongue.

Awwww, you say the sweetest things {snuggles up to Ranchy}


<-- pokes Ranchy with celery stalk... Omnoomnomnom, ooo, you are tasty!