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Kinda understood why there were only 3 monks. But only 3 barbarians? And now I see that all the forthcoming character decks have switched to 3 instead of 4? Seriously? 20 bucks for 2 new characters? Little cheesed here.

Really getting ticked off that all the new character decks have only three characters, and only two new ones. Feels subtly like getting less for your buck. Never been happy with all the extra blessings I end up paying for, since I don't use these for Society play.

Ashram wrote:
DM Sothal wrote:
Paizo only publishes errata when a book is reprinted. As long as the first printing is in stock, we don't typically get errata.
I realize that. It means the book has sold poorly in three years.

No doubt because of the insane number of errors?

For no apparent reason the Belt of Physical Perfection +6 and the Headband of Mental Superiority +6 have a crafting cost 5,000 GP too high. Their purchase price is 144,000 but their crafting cost is 77,000. 2x77,000 is 154,000. The +2 and +4 versions don't have this issue and nothing else related has this issue and nothing I can find explains the difference in setting, so I'm assuming it's a math error.