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God of the Unknown


older than Time


Chaotic Neutral


The Twilight Garden

About Vortae


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (kind of leans toward Good)

Symbol: A closed door

Titles: The Unknown, The Lonely One, The Road Less Traveled, The Choice Not Made, The Traveler at Twilight, The Curator, The Forgotten One

Portfolio: secret knowledge, exotic magic, lost and hidden things, solitude, dichotomies, boundaries and transgression thereof, travel, death and resurrection, art and architecture (especially graves, signposts, monuments, and museums), the unknown

Domains: Chaos, Void, Knowledge, Repose, Luck
Subdomains: Entropy, Isolation, Memory, Souls, Imagination

Inquisitions: Conversion, Oblivion, Persistence, Fate, Restoration

Favored Weapon: The quadrens. In Vortaic iconography and ritual, the unique design of the quadrens symbolizes the many parallel possibilities that emerge from any one point, and the deep bleeding wounds it can cause serve as defiant, vindictive, and tenacious memorials to the wielder, even if they should fall. More than a few Vortaics with the means to do so elect to take this a step further, and give their weapons baleful enchantments of the sorts that inhibit healing. It is also common practice to modify the individual spikes of one's weapon that they may double as implements of creation as well as destruction, such as screwdrivers, pens, and measuring tools. The fountain pen is said to have been invented by a Vortaic Ninja whose attempt to turn his weapon into a syringe for poison went productively awry.

Favored Colors: black and indigo; indigo is the color of the twilight sky, and the most obscure and difficult-to-place color of the spectrum, and black is the ultimate color of the void and the unknown

Favored Animals: Cephalopods and cats are sacred to Vortae, for they are in fact refugees from Vortae's universe, still operating on some level by that universe's alien laws rather than this one.

Genesis: Before the beginning of time, when the cosmos was being created (some say in the waning eons of the previous cosmos), the creators devised and experimented with many other possibilities besides the universe we inhabit today. Most of these were scrapped and assimilated when the final decision to make this universe was made - but one creator, Vortae, refused to abandon Its work. It had been far ahead of schedule compared to the others, and had been mostly finished when the final decision had been reached, so when the other primordial universes were swept away to make way for the universe to be, Vortae used all Its power to sustain its creation, hiding it away in the "blind spot" of the new universe and its gods. Its preservation was imperfect, and most of what survived was a haunted ruin of what could have been. Vortae looked upon what was left with a combination of relief that It could save this much, and sadness that that was all when it could have been so much more. Since then, Vortae has worked to rebuild this universe, though not at the expense of the prevailing one, whose existence It never actually begrudged. It spends much of Its time wandering this and other universes, trying to drum up acolytes to help rebuild and populate Its forgotten dream, as well as inspiring artists, artisans, and scholars, for all acts of creation and discovery honor Vortae.

Realm: While Vortae might be found nearly anywhere, Its home is what is left of Its preprimordial creation, now known as the Twilight Garden. It is a dark, lonely, beautiful place of spectacular ruins, starlit skies, and geography that defies the laws of nature as we know them.

Worshippers: Vortae attracts the worship of artists, artisans, geniuses, and explorers, as well as frustrated and lonely souls, and those who regret past choices and missed opportunities. It is also considered the patron of adventurous children and prodigies. Scholars, detectives, and journalists (those who seek the unknown) may honor It as well. It is also a patron of those who practice strange and exotic magic, and receives many, many prayers from those who face persecution for their Arts.