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HP 24| AC 18* | F +7, R +7, W +10 | Perc +8 | Stealth +7 | 30’ | focus [_]


|☐☑| spells 1 ☐color spray, ☐grim tendrils, ☑mystic armor; spells 2 ☐invisibility, ☐blazing bolt | drain bonded item [1][2] | hero 1 | Active Conditions: mage armor


male elf (seer) wizard (unified magic theory, cleric) 3 |

About Voron Keyphyra

Male elf wizard 3 (Advanced Player's Guide, Lost Omens Gods & Magic, Secrets of Magic)
NG, Medium, Elf, Humanoid
Heritage seer elf
Background scholar
Perception +8; low-light vision
Languages Ancient Osiriani, Common, Draconic, Elven, Osiriani, Sylvan, Thassilonian
Skills Academia Lore +9, Arcana +11, Crafting +9, Herbalism Lore +9, Medicine +8, Nature +8, Occultism +9, Religion +8, Society +9, Stealth +7, Survival +8, Thassilon Lore +9
Str 10 (+0), Dex 14 (+2), Con 10 (+0), Int 18 (+4), Wis 16 (+3), Cha 10 (+0)
Items dagger, staff, backpack, bedroll, chalk (10), compass, flint and steel, healer's tools, material component pouch, rations (1 week) (2), repair kit, rope (foot) (50), soap, Spellbook, torch (5), waterskin, writing set, purse (125 gp, 13 sp)
AC 17; Fort +7; Ref +7; Will +10 (Treat your saves against effects that would cause you to fall asleep as one degree of success better.)
HP 24
Speed 30 feet
Melee [1] dagger +7 (versatile S, thrown 10 ft., agile, finesse), Damage 1d4 P
Melee [1] staff +5 (two-hand (1d8)), Damage 1d4 B
Ranged [1] dagger +7 (versatile S, thrown 10 ft., agile, finesse), Damage 1d4 P
Divine Cleric Spells DC 18, attack +8; Cantrips (2nd) disrupt undead, light
Arcane Wizard Spells DC 19, attack +9; 2nd invisibility, blazing bolt[SoM] 1st grim tendrils, mystic armor, magic weapon Cantrips (2nd) figment, telekinetic hand, shield, tangle vine, telekinetic projectile
Focus Spells 1 Focus Point, DC 19; 2nd Hand of the Apprentice
Ancestry Feats Unwavering Mien
Class Feats Cleric Dedication, Hand Of The Apprentice
General Feats Canny Acumen
Skill Feats Assurance, Recognize Spell
Other Abilities arcane bond, arcane schools, arcane spellcasting, arcane thesis, doom averted, one-who-waits, river kingdoms politician, spell blending, spellbook, spells, traveler of the spirit road, universalist, valais’s assurance
School item: minor healing potion
Voron is a staunch follower of Nethys who believes that magic is a purpose, not just a tool. His primary motivators are expanding his magical knowledge and repertoire, and to practice and hone their use.
Before you stands a lean elf, almost dainty with sharp features. There is no hair on his head. He speaks intentional, almost "at you" making two-way communication the exception. His eye contact seems to be almost looking "through" you, as if conducting some deep assessment of your intentions instead of letting you explain them.
Personally, he's a bit of an irritable curmudgeon. He appreciates clear displays of competence and attention to detail and craft in others, but he feels many "don't get it" and can tend to be harsh with them.

Flaw: He's a little obsessive and is ever in danger of forming new but meaningless rituals in his life based on the things in his charge. For example when he studies his spellbook every day he must carefully lay out the book, caring for it's spine and wipes off the cover and back before and after opening it. He keeps it in an extra leather case in his backpack, and a velvet book-sized pouch inside of that.