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Think of it this way, Howell: Every spell sent your way was one that would have killed Ostog outright. So he is alive because of your heroic sacrifice. There is no dishonor in your battle!

As it turns out, when your cleric tells you that you should take your antitoxin because you're going to fight poison-using derro, you actually should take your antitoxin.

But they don't listen. Like how they keep forgetting I'm in charge.

Your Proctor had better not ever talk to me like that.


Unless he wants my mailed fist breaking most of his teeth.

You forgot to mention the part where I ended the snake-woman's life with a mighty swing that severed both of her arms and left her lifeblood spurting across the room like a geyser of glory.

In all fairness, I really did think I was melting.

Don't forget to mention the part about how the Shoanti decided to open the door, revealing more monsters, even though we were still battered from the fight with the trog leader.

Howell, you sure do talk a lot.
Between your notes and Styrian's notes and whatever the Shoanti woman writes down, I'm sure I'll be buried in papers soon enough.
I think the newcomer's name is Imrika, by the way.

I knew we would have to return to investigate where the ghouls and mites were coming from, and I suspected the pool in the ghoul area connected to another tunnel. I was right. A tunnel. A treasure chest with books. Velmarius didn't want to get his shoes and underclothes wet so he went back to town, the rest of us went down the tunnel for over a mile.

Found more evidence of mites. Kirin spotted a secret door--those elven eyes are sharp. Turns out it was a hiding spot with some of those "leather babies," more books, and a sample of what we believe is "midnight milk," the same substance mentioned in that strange note. Rather than fighting a swarm of mites or more "leather babies" or whatever else was down there, we decided to return to town, get the "milk" identified, and arrange to have someone collapse the tunnel to prevent any more creatures from coming through.

Belor told me that a local farmer's complaining his cows are being killed and that I should look into it. One day I'm rescuing missing children and fighting ghouls, the next day I'm... investigating dead cows. At least he gave us 10 gold each and offered a bounty of 100 for any bandit or somesuch captured alive.

We found Velmarius (who apparently had bought a special outfit just for swimming) in town, and headed to the farm. The farmer said he was going to set a trap for whatever was attacking his cows. Except when we got there, his place was dark, the door was open, and there was a splash of blood on the door.

Other things to remember: Zaandu's parents were killed by ghouls. I guess that explains why he's so good at killing them.

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Confirmed. Twice.

In other news, Styrian tells a good tale. And it seems Gorum wants me to focus more on smiting my foes than dealing with others' injuries.

I thought the Chelaxian mage had fled, but as it turns out he was actually arranging a very clever flanking maneuver around the leaders of these creatures. Well played, dandy.

Confound Belor for going to Magnimar and leaving this town of weaklings and half-wits in my care. I have neither the will nor the patience for this.