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I've come to notice that a lot of social spells (such as Charm Person, Beguiling Gift, etc.) have verbal components. How exactly does that work? How can these spells meant to be used in front of people, in close range, and (supposedly) subtly actually be used properly if you have to essentially shout in order to use them?

So, I'm wanting to create an that is working towards becoming a lich for my GM's custom campaign. I was looking through the curses for oracles and noticed the lich curse where it says, "You have (unknowingly) fulfilled most (but not all) of the ritualistic components to achieve lichdom. You have yet to turn into an undead creature, but you are close." Would this make it easier for my character to become a lich or is that just there for roleplaying purposes or something?

So, I'm GMing a game of Kingmaker, we're currently on the third chapter, and one of the PCs (the king) is wanting for all citizens in his kingdom ages 18-40 to have at least two years in the military and wanted me to find a way for that to happen. I've looked through the rules and thought about it for some time now, but can't think of a way to do it. I feel like it would change his kingdom stats in some capacity, I just don't know how. Any advice?

I'm running a game of Kingmaker and two of the players are wanting to use the spell Awaken on the old sycamore tree the mites were in. Only problem is, I'm afraid this tree coming to life and working for the PCs will break the game. Should I stop the players from trying this or should I let them continue their endeavours and see how it turns out?

Lore the Seeker wrote:

I would like to ask how much of a backstory you have developed for your character? I find that developing a rich origin for my characters gives direction to everything they do. They need motivations, not just feats or skills to come to life during the game.

If you haven't done it yet, dig through the Inner Sea World Guide and write out some bullet points of where your character comes from, what inspired him and what his long term goals are.

I have come up with a backstory for him all the way from his family to what he did before the adventure.

In my group, I play a barbarian. This, of course, makes things such as rolling for Diplomacy and Intelligence based skills very difficult. The rest of my group is composed of a paladin, a cleric, a ranger, and a rogue, and all of them like to talk their way out of most scenarios where we are supposed to fight. This leaves me feeling very useless since I can't talk my way out of situations. So, naturally I try to instead fight my way out of situations so I don't feel useless. This, however, sometimes makes matters worse since I tend to act before I think. As a result, the rest of the group and the gamemaster become angry at me. So I just stay quiet and don't do anything, thinking that I will make bad scenarios even worse. I have gotten really tired of it and told my gamemaster how I felt. He said that I just didn't fit in with the group and that barbarian just didn't suit me. I disagree with that because I love playing a barbarian.

How could I make myself feel less useless?