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Thanks Uri!

I was really hoping to get some more stories of how parties (or rather their GMs) handled it. Or did everyone else actually break in at night?

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I found it surprising that the Chelish agents' theatrics weren't detailed at all. The writer didn't consider any players would want to see what exactly was going on? Sure, it's suggested that they break in at night, but my players wanted to screw with the show itself and publicly humiliate/discredit the troupe for best effect.

How things went down for my players is spoilered below. I'd love to hear how it went for any others who didn't go for the late-night breaking and entering!

Crashing the play:
The bard(name forgotten at the moment) opens with a singing narrative about a cowardly, shifty Chellish admiral who was hiding among pirates, and planned to bring them all down. Special effects of obvious magical nature accompanied her. Playing this admiral is a lvl 1 nobody npc, who is attempting comedic cowardice, and is confronted by Gorebeard.

Captain Stone (mystic theurge) loudly mocks the performance, casting some sort of courage-inspiring spell(name also forgotten) on the 'admiral'. Admiral begins bravely attacking Gorebeard, though his ineptitude ends up making the scene even more comedic. Gorebeard eventually KOs him with a single punch.

Stone lands a Hold Person on Gorebeard, who shakes it off the following round.

Bard lady on stage has been singing the entire time, and uses her sonic song attack to attempt to end the disruption, doing minor damage to Stone.

Another character, Kasa(Mikaze on these boards!),a sort of tribal elf summoner, sneaks backstage via a side curtain. Sees Nightshade, who is wondering what's going on with the performance onstage and doesn't notice him. He summons a viper each for Nightshade and Gorebeard. She mage armors up as a precaution before even seeing it. Gorebeard kills the viper and starts rubbing his beard with it, making a big show to the crowd who are getting really confused as to what this is all supposed to mean. Bard and Stone toss spells around, each passing saves.

With the vipers Nightshade notices Kasa and casts her quick mirror image along with an acid arrow to his chest.He summons a couple fire beetles and takes a few melee swings, hitting images, as she starts to take him seriously and begins casting Summon Monster VI.

The other two player characters are enjoying the show.

Onstage Gorebeard gets silenced and the bard tries to get out of its radius. He kills the beetle and has more beard fun. Bard then calls for a volunteer from the audience, basically trying to put Gorebeard to use. First Mate Ragnik(ranger) excitedly runs onstage. Gorebeard is totally outclassed, and is blendered over two rounds while landing a single punch in return. He only remains standing due to rage and a heal from the bard.

That Summon VI calls in an Erinyes(I looked at the list and picked what I thought was coolest) who rips into Kasa. He scrambles back out into the audience, tearing the side curtain down with him which partially exposes her to the audience.

Bard exclaims that Arronax has sent his devils to silence dissenters. Erinyes has no idea what's going on now; Nightshade directs her onstage. Bard makes a show of being afraid and Dimension Doors out. Nightshade follows suit, both leaving Gorebeard behind to be finished off by Ragnik.

Captain Stone makes a grand speech about the troupe's trickery and their attempts to pass the Erinyes off as someone else's work. The very confused Erinyes is hit by a Dismissal and vanishes. Stone follows this up by buying drinks for the crowd. Show ends in applause after all.

Gnome sisters!

seekerofshadowlight wrote:

I disagree, and you seem confused.


This is a case of people being caught up in the "concept" to let the mechanics work. Shes thinks and used to be a paladin, but the OP has fallen into the "fallen paladin is to weak mechanically so I need to rework the paladin class" trap. When his concept really needs for him to use other classes to work best.

No, you seem confused in regard to the entire point of this thread.

This has nothing to do with any "trap" involving reworking a class.

This is an NPC that seems to be a paladin, thinks she is a paladin, but...DUN DUN DUN...Isn't a paladin.

It was an alignment question, not a class spec question. The character has to believe they are still a paladin, so jumping through hoops in regard to class goes against that.

It's such a great story hook, I'd hate for it to be torn down because "nuh uh, that's not how paladins work." The fact that paladins don't work like the NPC in question is exactly what will get the PCs interested.

Don't let rules get in the way of a good story.

TarkXT wrote:
Voharius wrote:

Or do you object every time the bad guys use powers not available to players?
A lot of players do actually. Hence the slippery slope.

These boards make me sad.

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"Mechanically" was in terms of abilities and rolls. The oath aspect of the class means nothing in this case, because the character -isn't- a paladin. She has fallen, but is being propped up by another deity. The mechanics of the class are all that are being applied.

It could go even further: The character thinks she can still heal with Lay on Hands, but perhaps is only granting temporary hitpoints. The recipient even thinks they are being healed, but really just doesn't feel as badly hurt anymore.

There is no point shackling yourself to the rules when a plot character is concerned. Imagination is the heart of role-playing games, and the GM's is especially important.

Or do you object every time the bad guys use powers not available to players?

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seekerofshadowlight wrote:
We did not miss it being an NPC, but that does not factor into it. The actions make it a non-paladin.

The fact that this is an NPC is the -most- important factor here. It's a story character, it doesn't have to follow the rules. The original question was about how to handle the character's alignment.

So how do you handle a plot character's alignment? However is best for the plot. Plus you've got the direct intervention of an evil god here, so go nuts with it I say. Evil god powers the "paladin's" abilities to mimic what would be expected of a paladin, while masking alignment. Detect magic might see something strange going on, but detect evil won't.

Or maybe a perception check with alignment detection? A high roll and they might catch a glimpse of something there.

Anyway, no need to bend over backwards with multiclass scenarios. The character can still function as a paladin as far as game mechanics go. Finding out what is really the source of her power could make for a very interesting storyline.

TheFace wrote:

I intend her as an NPC that the party has to deal with.

Amazing how many people are missing that one very important line in the original post. There's really no need to jump on TheFace for trying to create some kind of munchkin character, because this is NOT A PC.

I say do whatever you want with it, it's part of your story. You could even have the "paladin's" new evil patron concealing her alignment, that would be a great way to confuse your players and have them really rethink what's going on. "Wait, she's -not- detecting as evil? But we just saw her..."

Misery wrote:
wspatterson wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:

I'm not sure why elves have the sleep immunity thing; my guess is that it's some sort of link to Tolkien, though.

And in Golarion, elves do indeed sleep. They're just immune to magical sleep effects. Whether or not elves sleep in other campaigns is up to the GM in those campaigns.

Page 5 of Elves of Golarion. It says elves don't sleep, but rather enter a deep trance that has the same refreshing effect on the mind as human sleep. It also says that elves only have to meditate for four hours.

So, if they don't sleep, then it stands to reason that they wouldn't fall victim to a sleep spell.
That is quite the contradiction. So was it sacked for final PRPG or a mistake on J.J's part?

The PFRB also references this in the Nightmare spell: "Creatures who don’t sleep (such as elves, but not half-elves) or

dream are immune to this spell."

So I guess that will need to be changed if they're also going to be changing the multiple Golarion supplements currently out that specify the 4-hour trance deal.

Way I see it, all printed materials currently out either point towards the trance, or don't touch the subject at all. And that's the way I'd like to continue playing it. It adds to the alien mystique of the race, setting them apart as an entirely separate type of humanoid rather than just a human with pointy ears.